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With $1.2T omnibus bill topping 2,200 pages, Congress needs CliffsNotes
“This could be the last major bill of the year,” U.S. Rep. Charlie Dent, R-Pa., said. “A lot of us are trying to put items in the omnibus. We may not be successful.” Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., huddled with President ...

Zweifel column: Imagine spending $7.2T on peace rather than war
Rand Paul is far from my favorite congressman — he’s a serial hypocrite who spends a lot of time accusing others of being hypocritical. Takes one to know one, as we used to say. Like his speech on the Senate floor last month against the lavish spending ...

Gold Cup winners aim to maximise productivity of grassland
And when we came out of organic we had a lot of discussions about what we might expect to see if we started piling on nitrogen. We decided there was little point in piling it on only to get another 1-2t DM/ha.” The brothers are now achieving 12.5t DM/ha ...

15 ’00s Cartoons That Have Aged Badly
The group of Martians at the center of the series — cornily named B-Bop A-Luna, 2T Fru-T, and Do-Wah Diddy – are yet another ... may have just taken a good thing a whole lot too far. The series follows two hard on their luck children who have lived ...

Logic Supply Unveils Fanless Wallet-Sized CL200 UCFF PCs: 4G-Ready, up to 9 I/O Ports
The Logic Supply CL200-series industrial PCs are based on Intel’s Celeron N3350 SoC (2C/2T, 1.1 – 2.4 GHz, HD Graphics 500, 6 W), not exactly a high-performance processor, but should be enough for tasks that do not need a lot of compute horsepower (at ...

Deutsche Bank, Banks And The USD: The Writing (Off) Is On The Wall (Street)
The US gross national debt has grown by $1.2T over the past six months and crossed the $21T mark ... Furthermore, if you look more closely, you'll realize that ING has lost quite a lot of ground lately (15% per the above chart), with only DB and BBVA ...

Thursday's City Sports Roundup
Pole vault relay — 1, Mapson, LE, 11-0; 2T, Crouch, KEA, 9-6; 2T ... “Even though we didn’t get the win, we played a lot better than we did on Tuesday (against Kearney Catholic) when we did win.” The Vikings (1-1) host Aurora on Tuesday.

This NYC Statup Raised $3M to Power Personalized Financial Services
Overall, this is a $2T+ market. What’s your business model ... What was the funding process like? There is always a lot of diligence, even more so with a major financial institution. Again, completing this investment with American Express is a ...

2T Water, LLC Expands Its Biotin Water(R) Hair, Skin and Nails Focus on Convenience Store Channel
They wanted more functional products for females that taste great and 2T Biotin Water® delivered. We're anticipating a lot of opportunities to grow within the market," Eric continued. "We add something fresh and new to the much needed enhanced water category.

Rwanda: 2T Reggae Man - a Nurse Passionate About Reggae Music
That's how these two influenced me but even others like Peter Tosh, Gregory Isaacs and many others mean a lot to me." 2T feels that this genre of music is not yet as famous as it should be in the country, "not because people don't love or know it ...