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News for 4 Channel

Bristol man Yasir Mirza gets top job at Channel 4
Channel 4 have appointed a top job to a man from St Werburghs. Yasir Mirza has been appointed as the organisation’s Head of Inclusion and Diversity. He will be based in London and work closely with th...

Channel 4 rumoured to set new reality TV show in Exeter
A new reality show could hit our TV screens very soon - and it's rumoured to be set in Exeter. There have been reports of a television representative appearing at recent glitzy events in the city, who ...

Gogglebox cast: Former star hints at RETURN to Channel 4 show after leaving
Now, Amy Tapper, 18, has teased the possibility of going back to Gogglebox. In an interview with OK! Magazine, she said: “At the moment, my family’s on a break from Gogglebox. My brother is focusing o...

Channel 4 Brexit Debate: Jacob Rees-Mogg lays into PM’s Brexit deal saying ‘it does not do what she said’ as he faces politicians for debate
Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg has laid into the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal as he says it “does not do as she said”, while facing cross-party politicians for a live debate. Mr Rees-Mogg appeared on Chann...

Sony’s 7.2 Channel Receiver Fires Up 4K, HDR, Bluetooth And More For $228
Sony’s STR-DH790 7.2-channel 4K HDR Bluetooth receiver packs ... The STR-DH790 is also fairly well rated, with more than 4.2 starts based on well over a dozen Amazon consumer reviews.

Jessie Garcia returning to Channel 4 in new role
A familiar face on Milwaukee television — Jessie Garcia — is returning to her longtime home WTMJ-TV (Channel 4) but in a behind-the-scenes management role. Garcia, who was a sports anchor and reporter ...

Chandhok returns to Sky F1 coverage from Channel 4
Former grand prix driver Karun Chandhok is to make a return to Sky’s Formula 1 coverage next season, as the network gears up for its exclusive broadcast deal. Having been an analyst for Channel ...

Channel 4's CMO Departs To Set Up Own Agency
Channel 4's CMO, Dan Brooke, is departing to set up what he calls a "purpose-driven" marketing and communications agency, The Drum reports.

Tuesday, Dec. 4: ‘Legends of the Lost With Megan Fox’ on Travel Channel
Actress Megan Fox hosts this series in which she investigates myths and stories left behind by our ancient ancestors. Meeting with experts and archaeologists while perusing priceless texts and fascina...

Channel 4 appoints Yasir Mirza in new diversity post
Yasir Mirza has been announced as Channel 4’s head of inclusion and diversity. The new position will see Mirza, who has previously worked for The Guardian in the same role, work with the broadcaster’s ...

Sony's $228 7.2-channel receiver supports 4K, HDR, Bluetooth, and more
Users give it 4.2 stars based on 16 reviews ... You can add floorstanding speakers, center channel speakers, subwoofers, and more as you want.