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Flu vaccine effectiveness pegged at 50-70 per cent
This year’s flu vaccine was designed to protect against a strain of influenza that has been reported in the Interior. But that strain — A/H3N2 — is one that in the past has caused problems for many who contract it, in particular older patients.

Palestinian double amputee killed by Israeli sniper
He found work washing cars, earning 50-70 shekels ($14-20) a day. Sometimes he also sold vegetables in the market to make ends meet. In an interview with Shehab News Agency a few years ago, Abu Thurayyah outlined his hopes and dreams for the future.

Today's Top Space Headline --Stephen Hawking's Breakthrough Team Still Listening for Radio Signals from Our Solar Systems 1st Interstellar Visitor
‘Oumuamua is now about 2 astronomical units (AU) away, or twice the distance between Earth and the Sun. This is closer by a factor of 50-70 than the most distant human artifact, the Voyager I spacecraft. At this distance, it would take under a minute for ...

Do we want to destroy our hillsides?
The Napa Oaks development on the hillside above Old Sonoma Road and Casswall is seeking to throw out the low density, hillside protections in favor of 50-70 homes plus accessory dwelling units and a roundabout. How does the Napa Oaks development effect the ...

South Plainfield Bowling: South Plainfield Boys & Girls Sweep Iselin Kennedy
50, 70. Series 192.. JFK Girls: 608, 598, 621, Series 1827, Mona Pandya: 144, 98, 170, series 349, Danielle Inocencio: 97, 62, 70, series 223, Hannah Cestone: 123, 144, 161, series 428, Ashritha Dinakar: 104, 130, 99, series 333, Ekta Patel: 115 ...

Why brand marketers often win the battle but lose the war
I’ve struggled to make YouTube work for our clients from an ROI perspective, so “a 50-70% increase in performance” got my attention. I scheduled a call. The salesman explained that clients were seeing dramatic reductions in their “Cost Per View ...

The Week Ahead: How High Can The Market Forecasts Go?
As long as the monthly analysis is positive then Viper ETF investors should be 50-70% invested in stocks. When negative weekly signals occur then investors are encouraged to take some profits and rebuy lower. In a bear market cash equivalents and inverse ...

Armenia launches Free Economic Zone on Iran border
The Free Economic Zone is expected to attract 50-70 companies in the coming years, which will invest a total of 100-130 million USD and create more than 1,500 jobs.

Just How Rare Is That Giant Python Captured in the Everglades?
To date, "the program is nearing the elimination of nearly 800 snakes, many of which are multi-egg-bearing females that have successful birth rates of 50-70 snakes each," he added. And the free buffet also explains how the python got so big, Penning said.

D60's latest capital costs just the tip of the iceberg
Said Lawson, "School buildings and their related infrastructure components are beyond their intended life," with most from 50-70 years old. And while district staff has labored heroically to extend the life expectancy of schools, little more can be done to ...