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The Navy's latest aircraft carrier deployment had an unusual start as the service aims to be more unpredictable
The US Navy aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower broke from the norm with an unusual start to its latest deployment.

Turning Amphibious Ships Into 'Lightning' Aircraft Carriers
The U.S. Marines claim that their ability to turn amphibious ships into aircraft carriers is a major advantage on the battlefield. Amphibious ships, though not full-fledged aircraft carriers, can ...

Cancer-linked chemical found inside Kansas aircraft hangar
Dangerous levels of a compound linked to cancer were found last year inside an aircraft hangar at McConnell Air Force Base in Kansas, and a memo warns more than 50 personnel may have been exposed to ...

Authorities warn of dangers of pointing lasers at aircraft
Laser attacks on police, military, civilian and commercial aircraft have been a problem for years. After recent incidents, authorities warn pilots could be blinded mid-flight or suffer permanent eye ...

China's navy is tightening rules for the crew of its first home-built aircraft carrier to combat coronavirus
Some of the aircraft carrier Shandong's crew were in China's worst-hit areas, but the country's navy says that no infections were reported.

Botched float plane theft leaves 3 aircraft damaged in Vancouver harbour
"It's not often you see a wingless Beaver." A Seair float plane lost its wing when a man attempted to steal the aircraft and then crashed into two Harbour Air planes in Vancouver early Friday. (Ben ...

The Search for World War II Aircraft in the Pacific
The private group Project Recover announced that it had found three U.S. Navy warplanes lost during the February 1944 battle for the island of Truk in the Pacific Ocean.

Try This On For Size: China Threatened to Sink Two U.S. Navy Aircraft Carriers Last Year
Key point: No U.S. president, no Senator or Congressman, could remain in office if they did not respond forcefully to the sinking of U.S. carriers, the very symbol of American power and prestige.

Superjet 100 Maker Renamed Regional Aircraft Branch Of Irkut
Russia’s Superjet 100 (SSJ100) regional aircraft has lost its last association with former designer Sukhoi Company. As a subscriber to one of Aviation Week Network’s market briefings ...

Ga. man admits to shooting police aircraft flying over his house
ATLANTA — A Blythe, Georgia, man faces up to life in prison after he opened fire and struck a Georgia State Patrol helicopter during a law enforcement operation last year because he didn’t like it ...

Aircraft Galley Equipment Market Strategy, Revenue Analysis for Business Growth Till 2026
Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/21/2020 -- Increasing activities in manufacturing of aircrafts is one of the factors driving growth of the global aircraft galley equipment market. Increasing sale of ...

Cancer-linked chemical found inside Kansas aircraft hanger
WICHITA, Kan. -- More than 50 personnel at McConnell Air Force Base in Kansas may have been exposed to dangerous levels of a compound linked to cancer that was found inside an aircraft hangar last ...