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Alive After the Fall Review: Does Alexander Cain’s Survival PDF Ebook Works?
Survival is something everybody in the world does to exist, and everyday people tend to encounter a lot of things that they need to overcome. Most of the things that occur are unpredictable and ...

Cal Coast Credit Union, SD Gulls Foundation Begin Book and School Supply Drive
California Coast Credit Union and the San Diego Gulls Foundation began a weeklong book and school supply drive Monday to benefit Words Alive.

Margaret Elizabeth Jones's New Book 'Nowhere to Turn' is a Poignant Story About a Woman's Lifelong Struggle to Remain Alive During the Worst of Times
Margaret Elizabeth Jones, an English woman living in Tennessee, has completed her new book "Nowhere to Turn," which follows the story of an unfortunate woman struggling to live every day of her life.

Review: Poetry in Foglifter editor’s ‘Look Alive’ moves with a narrative feel
Goodlett’s poetry collection reads like a story. There’s a beginning, a childhood and a setting, the South, but rather than move forward through a plot, it’s as if the speaker has returned to the past ...

Arts & Extras: Movie documents husband's travels to keep late wife's book alive (copy)
"The Book Keepers," by Phil Wall, the son of the late author Carol Wall, won the audience and jury prizes for best documentary at the 2020 Austin Film Festival.

Book excerpt: ‘Staying Alive: Surviving Abuse, Fighting a War, and Beating Cancer – My First Twenty-Five Years’
Surviving that tour of duty and three U.S. Embassy postings, Curry was honorably discharge in 2008. But, like thousands of returning veterans, the mental toll would take years to process.

New murder mystery follows one girl on a terrifying adventure as she works to stay alive
NASHVILLE, Tenn., March 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sam wakes in a mysterious facility with no memory and a murder victim nearby in Jacqueline Frist’s new novel “The System” (published by ...

Six Dr. Seuss Books Are Dropped After Review Finds Imagery Offensive
The decision won’t affect Dr. Seuss’s best-known works, which publisher Random House Books for Young Readers and several booksellers said would remain available to customers.

The best children’s books of all time: 11 old and new classics for kids
Experts from the New York Public Library gave recommendations on the best books you should be reading your children to give them more of a diverse outlook on life.

Award-Winning Journalist Thomas Ricke Releases New Book Lucky to be Alive
My Remarkable Recovery from Suicidal Madness, is a memoir of Mr. Ricke's long battle with manic depression and its main symptom, suicide. Seventy percent of patients with manic depression try to kill ...

Power Lifter, Laarni Mulvey, Releases Her First Book: Standing in Strength – Inspirational Stories of Power Unleashed
Powerlifter Laarni Mulvey released her first book. Standing in Strength – Inspirational Stories of Power Unleashed ...

Cal Coast Credit Union, SD Gulls Foundation Launch Book Drive
The weeklong book and school supply drive will benefit Words Alive, a local nonprofit focused on reading for children, teens and families.