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News for Apple

Institutional investors may not be bullish enough on Apple, Morgan Stanley suggests
Apple's institutional ownership is at record highs, but it doesn't match the tech giant's monster weighting in the S&P 500, according to Morgan Stanley.

Apple has now taken out two public relations problems with the App Store: Nilay Patel
Apple has now exempted virtual events from Apple's 30 percent cut through June 2021 and slashed its fee in half to 15 percent in 2021 for developers making less than $1M in sales. Nilay Patel, The ...

iOS apps on the Mac are mostly bad, but Apple doesn't need them to be good — yet
"Having iOS apps on your Mac is something of a novelty. The experience isn't great, but it's interesting that they're there at all. And for now, that's enough." ...

Is AppStore Commission Cut Good For Apple Stock?
Apple indicated that it would be cutting its commissions on app sales and in-app purchases from 30% to 15% for smaller developers, who earn less than $1 million annually from the AppStore. Apple has ...

Black Friday 2020 Apple iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad: Best Early Deals
There have been lots more deals in the last couple of days, with more expected. All the new prices are picked out in bold. Apple’s iPad comes in four versions, the entry-level iPad, the small iPad ...

The best Apple iPad Black Friday 2020 deals so far include $100 off iPad Pro models with plenty more to come
Black Friday deals on iPad are already going live in the days leading up to the biggest shopping event of the year, starting with modest discounts on iPad Pro.

Smart speakers: Is it Alexa, Google or Apple for you? Here's what you need to know to decide
Apple enhances the Siri iPhone experience, Google stresses smarts and sonic quality, while Amazon uses the speakers to get access to Alexa.

Apple security chief charged with trying to bribe police with iPads for gun licences
Thomas Moyer allegedly attempted to obtain concealed firearms licences for company employees ...

Apple security chief maintains innocence after bribery charges
Moyer is accused of offering 200 iPads to the Santa County Sheriff's office in exchange for concealed carry permits for four Apple employees. Moyer's attorney says that he did nothing wrong, and ...

Best Apple Black Friday 2020 Deals on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, AirPods & Macs
Save with the best Apple Black Friday 2020 deals that offer hundreds in savings on popular Apple gear like AirPods, MacBooks, the iPad, iPhones, the Apple Watch and more. The 2020 Apple Black Friday ...

Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch Series 6 prices slashed for Black Friday
Black Friday deals are with us already even if the big day isn’t here just yet. With it comes some fantastic Black Friday Apple Watch deals including great discounts on the brand new Apple Watch SE ...

Analysis: Here’s a not-so-crazy idea Washington and WSU can still play the Apple Cup in 2020
Unusual circumstances — whether it’s a World War or a global pandemic — require creative solutions, especially for something as sacred as the Apple Cup is to the Evergreen State.