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News for Avengers

Marvel's Avengers: Devs Discuss Representing Disability, Introduce a New Superpowered NPC
Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have discussed Marvel's Avengers' approach to disability and accessibility, including the reveal of a wheelchair-using NPC with superpowers.

'Marvel's Avengers' Game Will Include Wheelchair-Using Character
The designers behind the upcoming "Marvel’s Avengers" revealed the new video game will include a character who uses a wheelchair.

New Marvel's Avengers Gameplay Footage Is Coming Next Month
Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montréal are hosting a special announcement stream for the upcoming Marvel's Avengers on Jun 24. A tweet that was published on Wednesday, May 27 says that developers have ...

Marvel's Avengers devs detail accessibility features
Crystal Dynamics wants everyone to feel like a superhero in Marvel's Avengers, and they're implementing features to ensure players with disabilities never feel left out. In a new interview on ...

Marvel's Avengers Reveals New Inhuman
It's all part of Crystal Dynamics' efforts to make the game more inclusive, and it should set a new standard for other development studios. Given the fact that Kamala Khan will play a substantial role ...

Marvel's Avengers Co-Op Gameplay Reveal Coming Next Month
Crystal Dynamics will debut a first look at co-op gameplay for Marvel's Avengers next month alongside new missions, cosmetics and other details.

Chris Evans Explains Why Filming Avengers: Endgame Was So ‘Special’
Endgame was the culmination of a lot within the MCU. It wrapped up the arc for Steve Rogers and Chris Evans tells the Awards Chatter Podcast that he loved the experience of making the last movie ...

'Central Park': How Josh Gad Assembled an Avengers of Musical Comedy for His Animated Series (Exclusive)
The Apple TV+ original reunites stars of ‘Frozen’ and ‘Hamilton’ for a hilarious story about life in the NYC landmark.

Josh Gad on Uniting “The Avengers of Musical Theater” for Apple TV+’s Delightful ‘Central Park’
Central Park star and executive producer Josh Gad talks about uniting an incredible cast for the delightful Apple TV+ animated musical series.

The Internet Can’t Handle Fan Poster of the Avengers Without CGI
One of the many reasons why the MCU movies have been so successful may be because of how cool and awesome every character and fight scene looks.

Dark Money Avengers, Assemble!
The same-old right-wing billionaires have launched another disinformation campaign, this time to stop people voting by mail.

Avengers: Moon Knight Just Improved Thanos' Coolest Infinity War Attack
In Jason Aaron and Javier Garron's Avengers #33, Moon Knight improves on Thanos' coolest Avengers: Infinity War attack in a battle against Thor.