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Watch Belly’s Passionate ‘Moment Of Silence’ Performance For ‘UPROXX Sessions’
The Canadian Roc Nation rapper gets California cozy to show off the new track from his recently released album, ’See You Next Wednesday.’ ...

‘What the f*ck was that?’: Hooters waitress says restaurant Photoshopped her belly button on Instagram
In a viral TikTok, a Hooters waitress says that the wings restaurant Photoshopped her belly button in a picture posted to Instagram.

Say Goodbye to Belly Fat with These 8 Fat-Burner Exercises
Types of Belly Fat . The Best Exercises To Burn Belly Fat . The Best Gear for Burning Belly Fat . In the world of fitness, there are generally two primary objec ...

Belly Inspires Students at Berklee's 15th Business of Hip-Hop Music Symposium
Berklee's Music Business/Management Department presented its 15th annual Business of Hip-Hop Music Symposium on Thursday, October 7, with special guest Roc Nation/XO recording artist Belly. The ...

Alice's Belly Troubles in the Rabbit's House
WARNING: This story contains belly bloating, belly abuse, belly ache and burping, as well as feet and tickling. If any of these things disturb you, you are better off elsewhere. Alice took her chance ...

Brain cancer treatment using belly fat is first in world
Learn more Lenox Hill Hospital is currently recruiting patients for a groundbreaking, first in-human clinical trial to treat recurrent glioblastoma (GBM) – a fast-growing, aggressive form of brain ...

Dancer pushes for UNESCO to recognize Egyptian belly dancing
Egyptian dancer Amie Sultan is working to get classical belly dance recognized as Egyptian heritage globally. The walls of the Pharaonic temples are adorned with drawings of women belly dancing in ...

Woman who mysteriously kept gaining belly fat discovers 17-pound tumor
A Texas woman tried too hard to shed her unsightly belly fat, only to discover that it was actually a 17-pound stomach tumor.

At the Happy Belly Company, Karen Barrett’s Food Brings Smiles
Karen Barrett just made it easier for bellies to be happier. Owner of The Happy Belly Company, Barrett opened Happy Belly Kitchen October 18th. The commercial space in the CloudKitchen at 3237 Summer ...

Big Belly Deli launches new food truck
Playing host to a variety of menu items all year long, Big Belly Deli in Marlow will roll out their newest adventure with their food truck this month.

1 in 3 men would give up watching football to get rid of their belly fat
In a new poll of 2,000 American men over 30, more than one-third would give up football games for two months if it meant they could get rid of belly fat.