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what caution is provided regarding the use of digital analysis tools such as the benford command?
Every accountant must be viligant against fraud in financial reporting. To help assist in this, accountants can use Benford's law to analyse data and determine if there is evidence of fraud occurring.

25-disc Home Improvement set: Time to plug in the power tools
Part of it was set in the workplace, where Tim and the less macho but more competent Al (Richard Karn) would co-host Tool Time, a cable-TV handyman series designed to promote the wares of Binford ...

Checking survey quality with Benford's law
This week, I want to focus on one of the tools that that paper used: Benford’s Law. Let’s start with a recap of Benford’s law. It turns out that while it is named for Benford (who discussed it in a ...

Lewis Binford
Binford first gained notoriety in 1962 when he wrote a controversial ... in the Dordogne) assemblage of stone tools dating from a glacial period around 40,000BC. Bordes had found that the sites of ...

The Simple Mathematical Law That Financial Fraudsters Can't Beat
Benford’s Law states that the quantity of most things in ... This method has the same flaw as many other fraud-detection tools: It turns up a lot of false positives, or at least companies that never ...

Benford’s Law—Information Analysis and BPM
There are multiple ways that a natural logarithmic size law like Benford’s Law can be applied, as well as alternate mathematical functions and laws that can (and should) be integrated into analytical ...

Detecting Possible Earning Manipulation for a Real-World Company
Tools: Python-Spyder, R-R-Studio Skills ... The overview of revenue, net income, total asset 3. Benford’s Law As I mentioned in the previous article, Compustate is a gigantic data set, which contains ...

This algorithm can tell which number sequences a human will find interesting
But in recent years, machines have become hugely capable pattern-recognition tools. Indeed, they have begun to outperform ... One empirical principle that applies to many data sets is Benford’s Law.

Benford Tools, er, Toils
Sci-fi writer and UC Irvine physics professor and Woodrow Wilson Fellow and Cambridge University visiting fellow and Lord Prize winner and American Physical Society Fellow and NASA consultant and blah ...

Benford’s Law: A Seldom Used Weapon in Forensic Accounting
as well as many other state tax enforcement agencies are using software based on Benford’s Law, as a means of identifying targets for audits. Well, that is enough for now. The question for ...

Lewis Binford obituary
The Mousterian question stimulated a far-reaching debate into the explanation of change and variability in archaeological evidence; examples soon ranged from simple stone tools to complex city states.

End-to-end churn prediction on Google Cloud Platform
To overcome this issue we’ve used two powerful statistical tools: the Benford’s Law & Kullback–Leibler Divergence Test. The Benford’s law, or the first-digit law, states that the leading digit of any ...