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News for Blood

Scientists create living 3D-printed brain aneurysm from blood and brain cells
Caused by a weakening in the artery walls, brain aneurysms lead to a “ballooning” or bulging of a blood vessel in the brain and can be fatal if they burst.

Studies: Blood type might predict your risk for COVID
New studies show people with Type O blood might be less likely to catch COVID-19, while those with A or AB could become seriously ill.

Dwayne Johnson describes his blood as 'Teremana, calluses and BlaMoan' after he tastes it following a wound
In his latest gym video, Dwayne Johnson revealed he had hurt himself. The actor, who is currently filming for Red Notice alongside Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot, revealed he was working out when he ...

Napa County Community Blood Drive
Hello, The need for blood has become critical throughout the entire country. Surges in COVID-19 cases, wildfires, hurricanes and other natural disasters combined with the cancella ...

The daily gossip: Now we know what Dwayne Johnson's blood tastes like, Emily Ratajkowski is pregnant and questioning gender norms, and more
Now we know what Dwayne Johnson's blood tastes like, Emily Ratajkowski is pregnant and questioning gender norms, and more ...

Total Blood Support Scam Review: Healthy Blood Pressure Aid?
Total Blood Support is a daily blood pressure support supplement that helps consumers to maintain a healthy balance in their b ...

Malaria parasite hides in human blood by changing how its genes work
Plasmodium falciparum, a malaria-causing parasite, can live undetected in the human bloodstream for months by changing the way its genes are expressed ...

East Kent Hospitals: Experts to look into mother's blood clot death
A young mother's death will be looked at by a panel of experts investigating maternity deaths in Kent. Jasmine Donkin, 20, died in 2018 from blood clots on her lungs days after giving birth. A panel ...

Dear diabetics, control your blood sugar with these 5 healthy breakfast options
Most of us have come across the term ‘diabetes’. For the uninitiated, it primarily refers to a metabolic disorder in which your body is unable to utilise or produce the hormone insulin that is ...

Researchers Learning More About How The Coronavirus Sabotages Blood Vessels
COVID-19 symptoms like strokes and kidney damage are unusual for a respiratory disease. Researchers are looking into how the coronavirus damages blood vessels and what that means for treatment.

Stanford Health Care Study Reports Zero Blood Culture Contaminations and False-Positive CLABSIs Using Steripath Gen2 ISDD
Magnolia Medical Technologies, Inc., inventors of Steripath®, the trusted solution for reducing blood culture contamination – today announced unprecedented clinical results from a study performed by ...

‘Fargo’ Season 4, Episode 6 Recap: Blood for Blood
Camp Elegance’ Gaetano is ready for his beating. Kidnapped, bloodied and tied to a chair, having been shot point blank in the head and survived, the Ital ...