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Sean Payton Talks Blown Call vs. Rams, Cam Jordan Jokes About 'Foot Locker' Ref
New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton opted for a more diplomatic tone after his team was on the receiving end of an officiating mistake in Sunday's 27-9 defeat to the Los Angeles Rams.

Greg Hansen: There's no foolproof system to stop blown calls in football
For better or worse, one of the innovations at Arizona Stadium this season is the presence of a clock with illuminated red digits ticking off the time remaining during television commercials. A man ...

Opinion: Saints dealt more bad breaks with Drew Brees' injury, another blown call
LOS ANGELES — Another big game, another blown call. The New Orleans Saints must be so sick of this. In a cruel twist of NFL fate, the rematch of the infamous NFC title game – marred by the missed pass ...

Dolphins' Kenyan Drake: Quiet as team blown out again
Drake rushed six times for 19 yards and caught five of six targets for 29 yards in Sunday's 43-0 loss to the Patriots. Drake is probably Miami's most talented offensive player, but he's wasting away ...

Police: Man believed to have blown up house on daughter's wedding day
A body was found Saturday night in the rubble of a home destroyed by fire in Edgewood, a district in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Neighbors said they heard what sounded like an explosion before the fire ...

Watch: New Orleans Saints burned again by blown call in game against the Los Angeles Rams
The New Orleans Saints have seen this movie before. The Saints were hosed once again by an official’s blown call in a game against the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday. This time, Saints defensive end ...

After another blown call went against the Saints, one player blasted the 'Foot Locker' refs
The New Orleans Saints were hurt by another questionable officiating call on Sunday, prompting Cameron Jordan to call officials "Foot Locker" refs.

Saints-Rams missed fumble call should not have been blown dead — Dean Blandino explains
Dean Blandino discusses game-changing call by referees in Saints vs Rams game. After a Jared Goff fumble, Cameron Jordan ran it back for a touchdown. However, the referees blew the play dead.

Walker: Drew Brees' injury and another blown call ... misery for Saints, fans in loss to Rams
LOS ANGELES — First, there was the thumb, the injured one on Drew Brees' right hand that very well could determine whether this will be a Super Bowl season for the New Orleans Saints. Then there was ...

Was the Aaron Rodgers-Matt LaFleur Sideline Interaction Blown out of Proportion?
In Green Bay’s 21-16 win against Minnesota, Packers head coach Matt LaFleur and QB Aaron Rodgers had an animated exchange that resulted in a lot of talk surrounding their relationship. The MMQB’s ...

New Orleans Saints' Cam Jordan jabs referees after blown fumble call
New Orleans Saints defensive end Cam Jordan expressed his frustrations with officials after the team’s loss to the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday. Jordan recovered a fumble in the second quarter after ...

Another blown call: Cameron Jordan's fumble return TD vs. Rams overturned after refs call play dead
New Orleans Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan ripped off an impressive 80-plus yard fumble recovery for a touchdown on Sunday vs. the Los Angeles Rams. Until the referees said he didn't. In a bit of ...