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For these `moms,' babies are real dolls
She works in Cernit and Super Sculpey polymer clays; other makers use silicone. For hair she uses mohair. The eyes are made of glass. On average, it takes three days to a week to finish a doll. For th...

Fourth Avenue Street Fair!
McCarron’s 12- to 30-inch dolls made of Cernit, a polymer clay ... ahead of Tempe Festival of the Arts on Mill Avenue. The Fourth Avenue Street Fair has been in the top 200 before, but never this high ...

Each sale saddens her NORTH LAUREL/SAVAGE
Ms. Hansen sculpts a doll's face, hands and feet from cernit, a plastic-type German clay. Then she paints the face and makes the doll's clothes from an extensive collection of fabric she keeps in her ...

Doll-maker's skills extend beyond faces and bodies
It just thrilled me," she said. Parker-Katz began to work with a German clay called Cernit, which allowed her to sculpture her distinctive doll faces and hands. She became adept at achieving the look ...