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News for China

China appoints Communist Party hardliner to oversee Hong Kong's new security office
Just days after a draconian national security law went into effect in Hong Kong this week, Beijing has appointed a hardline, controversial Communist Party figure – Zheng Yanxiong – as chief of the new ...

China extends its reign of random fear
The French revolutionaries’ instrument for administering the 1793-1794 Reign of Terror was the Committee of Public Safety. Today, China’s totalitarians, displaying either ignorance of this unsavory ...

Fact check: Can't blame China for all Wisconsin job losses in manufacturing
A video blames nearly all U.S. manufacturing job loss on China, but experts say factors such as productivity played an equal or greater role.

As China tightens its grip on Hong Kong, people are leaving for Taiwan
Residents of Hong Kong, deeply concerned by Beijing's new security law, seek safety and freedom in nearby Taiwan.

Philippines warns China of 'severest response' over drills
The Philippine foreign secretary warned China on Friday of “the severest response” if ongoing Chinese military exercises in the disputed South China Sea spill over to Philippine territory. Foreign ...

US, China left out as England slashes quarantine list
Travellers from more than 70 "low-risk" countries and territories will no longer have to self-isolate when arriving in England, the UK government said Friday in a major easing of its coronavirus ...

China Appoints Protest and Propaganda Enforcer to Tame Hong Kong
Beijing sent a forceful message about the enforcement of its new national-security law in Hong Kong, installing an official with experience battling protests and media as its chief enforcer.

The Swine Flu Virus in China That Has People Worried
The most prevalent strain of influenza spreading among pigs in China has sparked concern among scientists, who say it has certain properties that give it pandemic potential. Chief among them: The ...

Copper's bull run at risk as China enters slow summer season
A stunning V-shaped recovery in the price of copper is looking stretched as top consumer China enters its summer construction slowdown and fears of supply disruptions from the coronavirus have been ...

Hong Kong man accused of terrorism in first use of new China security law
A man carrying a "Liberate Hong Kong" sign as he drove a motorcycle into police at a protest against the territory's Chinese rulers became on Friday the first person charged with inciting separatism ...

HSBC to invest further in China amid political strife over Hong Kong law
HSBC Holdings Plc said on Friday it would make new investments in its wealth management and insurance operations in mainland China.

Senate passes bill to punish China over Hong Kong national security law
The Republican-controlled Senate on Thursday unanimously passed bipartisan legislation to punish China for imposing a new sweeping national security law on Hong Kong, sending the bill to President ...