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'It Is a Lot More Severe Than People Expected.' China Passes National Security Law to Quell Protests in Hong Kong
The swiftly enacted legislation grants Beijing broad new powers to quell the protest movement that engulfed the city last year ...

U.S.-China relations are headed for the 'darkest chapter yet,' says Eurasia Group
U.S. and China relations could deteriorate further as both countries have signaled that they're prepared to fight in more areas, said Todd Mariano, director for U.S. at Eurasia Group.

World's e-waste 'unsustainable', says UN report citing China, India and U.S
Across the river from Delhi's Red Fort, the grim neighbourhood of Seelampur lives off what consumers in the modern world throw away - their broken or obsolete electronic and electrical goods.

Hong Kong security law has been 'less damaging' for U.S.-China trade relations than expected
Markets today are relieved that tensions over Hong Kong's new national security law have been "a lot less damaging" for U.S.-China trade relations than expected, says Zhiwei Zhang, president and chief ...

Hong Kong Opens Door to China’s Hulking Security State
A new national security law will allow Beijing’s sprawling and secretive security system to establish a visible foothold in the territory.

Ending China's poverty in 2020 was going to be Xi Jinping's crowning achievement. Coronavirus might have ruined it
This was supposed to be the year that Beijing would announce it had ended absolute poverty in China, fulfilling a key pledge of President Xi Jinping and one of the founding missions of the Chinese ...

The Xian H-20: China's Latest Next-Generation Stealth Bomber Is Coming
The Xian H-20, which is expected to double the country's strike range, could make its public debut at this year's Zhuhai Airshow.

The Smart Way to Buy American and Target China
Reps. John Garamendi (D-CA) and Vicky Hartzler (R-MO) are expected to introduce an amendment to the must-pass National Defense Authorization Act. The amendment, if approved, will ...

China Enacts Security Law, Asserting Control Over Hong Kong
Despite fierce international criticism and opposition in Hong Kong, Beijing's rubber-stamp legislature passed a law allowing the mainland to impose security measures in the former British colony.

Apple's biggest iPhone supplier is facing disruptions in India as tensions with China escalate following deadly border clash
India's scrutiny of imports from China has disrupted operations at plants owned by Apple supplier Foxconn as tensions between the two countries build.

Exclusive: U.S. delays American diplomats' return to China amid concerns over coronavirus testing, quarantine
The United States has postponed flights for dozens of American diplomats who had planned to return to China later this month, after failing to reach agreement with Beijing over issues including ...

The Bloody China-India Border Fight Is a Lot Like the Last One
The last time there was an incident as deadly as Monday’s along the China-India border, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi were both teenagers. In 1967, in the ...