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Chinese Americans Are Living Through the Same Pandemic Twice
Back in January, when a mysterious virus in Wuhan still seemed like faraway news, Mei Mei and her husband bought N95 masks and two boxes of hand sanitizer to take to her elderly parents, who live 300 ...

Coronavirus: Chinese explorers start Everest climb amid pandemic
Over two dozen Chinese mountaineers have begun an expedition on Everest as the site remains closed to foreign climbers because of coronavirus. Only Chinese climbers are permitted this spring season ...

Germany accuses the US of 'modern day piracy' for seizing a shipment of medical equipment - as French officials claim they were forced to fight with American buyers for ...
The United States has angered Germany and France after allegedly seizing millions of masks set to be shipped to the European nations amid the coronavirus crisis.

Chinese families should be sweeping graves now. But thousands still haven’t buried their dead.
China’s coronavirus death toll appears far higher than its official tally. Authorities are curtailing memorial services, denying many a proper chance to mourn loved ones.

Chinese Struggle to Return to Work as Virus Controls Ease
Millions of Chinese workers are streaming back to factories, shops and offices but many still face anti-coronavirus controls that add to their financial losses and aggravation.

Coronavirus: Murphy confirms Chinese PPE order failed
The joint initiative with Dublin was not successful, but NI will receive five million pieces of PPE from London.

Geraldo Rivera: 3M reports are 'classic example' of America being addicted to Chinese manufacturing
American N95 mask-maker 3M's tether to China during the coronavirus pandemic is a "classic example" of how China is holding American manufacturing hostage, Fox News roaming correspondent-at-large ...

Chinese apps profit from millions staying at home
The Chinese podcasting app Lizhi faced the same puzzle four years ago that many tech platforms face today as the world spends more time online during the coronavirus outbreak — how do you translate a ...

Sen. Cory Gardner: Coronavirus spread because of Chinese Communist Party’s ineptitude and deceptions
The more we learn about COVID-19 and its origins, the clearer it becomes that much of the death and suffering could have been avoided had the Chinese Communist Party taken this threat more seriously.

Hollywood's Iconic Chinese Theatre Lays Off Staff Amid Virus Crisis
Numerous furloughed workers at Hollywood's iconic TCL Chinese Theatre and adjoining multiplex were terminated on Wednesday amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, which has led to unprecedented cinema ...

JPMorgan Seeks Full Ownership of Chinese Fund-Management Joint Venture
JPMorgan Chase said it plans to seek full ownership of its Chinese fund-management joint venture, opening a path to becoming the first foreign firm to do so in China’s asset-management industry.

Was Du Fu the Chinese Dante? BBC4 traces his footsteps
As presenter Michael Wood puts it, his was an art created from suffering. Travelling in the footsteps of Du Fu, who ranged vast distances in search of a haven, Wood meets Chinese people of all ages ...