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Meet Stellantis: FCA's Dodge, Jeep, Ram and PSA's Peugeot, Citroen make one big family
Tavares and Manley have a big job ahead of them. For starters, Manley will provide Tavares valuable insight on the highly profitable Jeep and Ram brands in North America as Stellantis inevitably ...

Used Citroen Relay 2020 cars for sale
Special edition Citroen C1 JCC+ arrives as part of fashion designer collaboration. Citroen has unveiled a special edition version of its C1 city car – JCC+, which takes influenc ...

Sunday Drive: Citroen C3 Shine
After something that doesn't blend into the crowd of compact city cars? Citroen's C3 could be just the thing for you.

Citroen C5 Aircross PHEV review
A quick glance at my test car diary tells me that in the last six months 60 per cent of cars I’ve driven have been a hybrid of some sort. The same proportion of cars in the next four months (lockdown ...

Citroen turns to SUV cues for new C4 compact
Citroen says it has set the new C4 compact hatchback apart from competitors with crossover styling and the choice of three powertrains, including battery electric, as it adds a completely new model in ...

Citroen Sub-Compact SUV To Launch By Diwali 2021 Kickstarting C-Cubed Programme
Citroen's second model in India will be a sub-compact SUV and is expected to launch by Diwali 2021. It will kick start Citroen's C-Cubed programme in India.

Citroen to launch sub-4 meter compact SUV in India during 2021
Citroen’s upcoming sub-4 meter compact SUV will be a great move from the brand to make themselves more popular among mass . Almost every manufacturer that is there in India has at least one product in ...

Payne: From Citroën to Dodge, meet the Stellantis family of vehicles
Stellantis will bring 14 brands under one roof from FCA and PSA in a transnational powerhouse that includes Jeep, Ram, Peugeot and Citroën.

Citroen India Inaugurates Country’s First La Maison Showroom In Ahmedabad: Here Are The Details!
Citroen has inaugurated their global ‘La Maison Citroen’ concept in the country. The first La Maison Citroen showroom in India is situated in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The new showroom is expected to offer ...

Citroen’s First Dealership Ready In Ahmedabad Ahead Of Brand’s Launch
Citroen will be opening ten dealerships in India, dubbed ‘La Maison Citroen’, before the launch of the C5 Aircross ...

Citroen opens first dealership in Ahmedabad: C5 Aircross SUV India unveil on Feb 1
Citroen has cemented its arrival in India. The French automaker has opened its first dealership with more scheduled to be introduced soon. Its first car in India will be the C5 Aircross SUV.

Citroen to launch new SUV in India, aims to compete with Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai
The company announced that it plans to launch one model every year.It also aims a 'localisation level close to 100 per cent' to meet its ambitions in the country ...