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As Regional Adoption Grows, Bitcoin Leads the Way for Colombia
Paxful’s bullish survey results are not the only indicator that Colombia is becoming a hotbed for bitcoin adoption ... high of more than 10.6 billion Colombian pesos, according to Coin Dance. Ever ...

It’s Time For Colombia To Dump The Peso
The dollar has been the official coin of the realm in Panama for over a century. It wasn’t until early 2001 that Colombia’s neighbor, Ecuador, became the next Latin American country to officially ...

Utah businessman pays $1.32 million for extremely rare dime minted in 1894 that's one of only 24 ever made - and only nine are still in existence
The coin is an 1894-S Barber Dime and one of only 24 that were ... The Tomb of Genghis Khan, Mongolia El Dorado, Colombia The City of Paititi, Peru Blackbeard's gold, North Carolina, US The Treasure ...

18,000 Illegally Trafficked Cultural Goods Seized in an International Crackdown
The great majority of the objects seized during the operation were from European countries, aside from 30 objects that originated in Colombia ... and 109 ancient coins found in private property ...

Colombia Seeks Source of Signs That Threaten Venezuelan Migrants
The migrant influx has put pressure on Colombia's already overburdened health and education systems. It is common to see desperate Venezuelan migrants begging for coins or selling items on street ...

Over 18,000 cultural goods seized and 59 people arrested in trafficking sting
The majority of the objects seized—including archaeological items, furniture, coins, paintings, musical instruments and sculptures—were from European countries. However, more than 30 items originated ...

Colombia court embargoes treasure from Spanish ship amid legal battle
BOGOTA (Reuters) - A Colombian court on Tuesday ordered an embargo on the salvaging of a 300-year-old Spanish ship believed to be carrying jewels and coins due to a legal ... sank in 1708 near ...

National University of Colombia Joins Blockchain Global Consortium for Science
The National University of Colombia is joining the global blockchain consortium for science dubbed Bloxberg, Mauricio Tovar Gutiérrez, co-director of the research group at inTIColombia told ...

‘Leprosy Coins’ and the Legacy of Stigma
With 123 coins and 14 paper bills on display, the collection represents currencies from five countries: the Philippines, Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, and Brazil. These currencies created an insular ...

InnovaMinex Will Release a Collection of Cryptocurrency Coins in Gold and Silver
which already owns several gold mines in Colombia and is a leader in the gold mining sector. The company will produce coins from its own gold, reducing costs and increasing the value of its project.

Conman steals $40,000 of rare coins from elderly Mosgiel collector
The coins, dated between 1700 and 1900, were in a rectangular blue case, and came from the United States, Austria, the Netherlands, France, England, India, Colombia, Spain, Denmark, and Sweden.