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Colon cancer survivor urges people to not put off colonoscopy during the pandemic
The National Cancer Institute estimates more than ten thousand people may die from otherwise preventable cancers because of delayed screening during the COVID-19 pandemic. One Utah man is grateful he ...

L.A. Artist Gisela Colón on Organic Minimalism, Her New Solo Show and Dior Collaboration
The artist’s iridescent molded acrylic monoliths and wall-mounted biometric pods have a mysterious life force conjuring the ancient divine feminine and the sci-fi future.

Oncolytic Virus Activates Immune System against Colon Cancer
In preclinical studies combining oncolytic virus CF33 with immune checkpoint inhibition resulted in lasting resistance to colorectal tumors ...

Teatro Colon Streams Concert From Pianist Dubravka Tomsic Srebotnjak
Teatro Colon will present a recital from Slovenian pianist Dubravka Tomsic Srebotnjak. The concert takes place this Sunday, November 29, at 8pm.

Oncolytic Virus Shows Promise in Colon Cancer Treatment
An oncolytic virus called CF33 developed at City of Hope shows potential for colon cancer treatment and tumor regrowth immunity in mouse models.

Medicaid expansion may result in earlier diagnosis of colon cancer
The Affordable Care Act's Medicaid expansion for low-income people appears to lead to earlier diagnosis of colon cancer, enhanced access to care, and improved surgical care for patients with this ...

Expanding Immunoscore® clinical utility on 3000+ stage III colon cancer patients
Marseille, France, December 03, 2020 HalioDx SAS, the immuno-oncology diagnostic company pioneering the immunological diagnosis of cancers, today announced that Immunoscore® is evaluated in a new ...

Medicaid expansion likely improved colon cancer care, study finds
Medicaid expansion has likely improved care of colon cancer, researchers said in a study published Monday in the Journal of the American College of Surgeons. The researchers compared states that ...

Colón de Santa Fe 1-2 Independiente: results, summary and goals
Check the best match plays and goals between Colón de Santa Fe 1-2 Independiente of Copa de la Liga Profesional 2020/2021. Results, summary and postgame analysis ...

Agenus Launches Phase 2 Trial Expansion in Colon Cancer for AGEN1181 in Combination with Balstilimab
With this recent response in colon cancer, AGEN1181 +/- balstilimab (anti-PD-1) has reported 4 clinical responses plus a significant tumor reduction of more than 27% in a fifth patient. In addition, ...

Cancer-killing virus activates immune system against colon cancer
A cancer-killing virus that City of Hope scientists developed could one day improve the immune system's ability to eradicate tumors in colon cancer patients, according to a new study in Molecular ...

Cancer-killing virus developed at City of Hope activates the immune system against colon cancer
City of Hope scientists have developed a cancer-killing virus by combining the oncolytic virus CF33 with an immune checkpoint inhibitor.