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News for Comics

A Brief 'Hiss-tory' of DC's Cheetah, From the Comics to Wonder Woman 1984
Wonder Woman 1984 will see Diana of Themyscira facing off against one of her greatest rivals: Barbara Ann Minerva, also known as Cheetah. Even though she’s one of Wonder Woman’s most famous villains ...

Comics will salute essential workers by hiding symbols in their Sunday strips
Instead, Blazek is among at least 70 cartoonists who plan to pay visual tribute to first responders and other essential workers in their print and online color art on Sunday. The ...

Avengers Vs. Justice League in Epic Marvel & DC Comics Crossover Art
Artist Stephen Byrne has shared some art for a theoretical Avengers vs. Justice League crossover event. Such a crossover would require Marvel Comics and DC Comics to work together in order to bring ...

White late-night comics wisely turn over their shows to black experts on racial injustice
The late-night beat becomes less and less about highlighting wacky bits the more the Trump administration fully embraces the worst possible elements of the American character. With the weekend ...

DC Comics Used A Superman Quote To Denounce Injustice As Comic Fans Remembered A Police Brutality-Focused Issue
Superman is a beacon of hope in the darkest times, a sentiment that was reflected in DC Comics’ solidarity with protesters of injustice.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League Could Be DC Comics’ Huge Second Chance At A Cinematic Universe
Most look at the new developments that see Zack Snyder’s Justice League headed to HBO Max as nothing more than fan service. The vocal push to “release the Snyder Cut” has achieved its end through the ...

Comics Wire: Comics pros and publishers step up to show support for Black Lives Matter
Welcome to Comics Wire, SYFY WIRE's weekly comics column that gets at the pulse of what's going on in comics right now. We've got what you need to know about huge crossovers, real-life issues facing ...

Marvel Comics Prepares For Wanda Vision In December
Marvel Comics are lining up plans for their Scarlet Witch and Vision comics books alongside the release of the WandaVision show.

15 Black Comics Artists Whose Work You Need to Read
The comic book industry is overwhelmingly white, but Black artists like Sanford Greene, Bianca Xunise and more prove comics need to diversify.

When Marvel Comics Were Publishing a Scarlet Witch Event, Darkhold
Marvel Comics were planning to be publishing a Scarlet Witch event, Darkhold, about now. This is what it was looking like.

Sunday's comics pages will hide messages
In "Zits," they hide in Jeremy Duncan's messy bedroom. The initiative was thought up by "Baby Blues" co-cartoonist Rick Kirkman. He consulted his colleagues, who helped shape the idea, and it just ...

Artificial intelligence creates their own comics after being taught Osamu Tezuka's works
Memory storage device company Kioxia has teamed up with a group of manga creators to create Phaedo, a new manga story inspired by the style of Astro Boy creator Osamu Tezuka – but with characters and ...