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Fed holds policy steady and points to renewed slowdown in sectors already damaged by pandemic
Fed Chairman Jerome Powell on Wednesday stressed that the battle to restore the economy to health in the wake of the pandemic has not been won, a signal policy will remain ultra easy for months to ...

World leaders are worried Trump 'permanently' damaged democracy, EU chief says
"Images like we saw a few weeks ago, when an angry mob stormed the Capitol, were beyond my imagination," the EU chief said.

Northern California homes damaged, people rescued after mudslide near wildfire burn scar
Officials say about 75% of the people who live in the area decided to stay despite being under an evacuation notice.

Insurance companies must pay NJ Transit for trains damaged by Sandy, N.J. Supreme Court rules
Hurricane Sandy was eight years ago, but insurance companies have challenged NJ Transit's $400 million damage claim for flooded trains. The state Supreme Court told them to pay up.

Thermal-stress analysis of a damaged solid sphere using hyperbolic two-temperature generalized thermoelasticity theory | Scientific Reports
This work aims to study the influence of the rotation on a thermoelastic solid sphere in the context of the hyperbolic two-temperature generalized thermoelasticity theory based on the mechanical ...

Small plane damaged after tornado reported near Tallahassee
The National Weather Service reports a radar-confirmed tornado touched down near Tallahassee International Airport Wednesday afternoon.

Work Slowed on Pensacola Bridges Damaged by Storm
Restoration of the damaged Pensacola Bay Bridge has reached a key milestone toward its planned March 2021 reopening, with concrete pours completed on the first new deck sections.

Problems persist: Some Marylanders angry over damaged, abandoned packages
Some Marylanders have expressed anger and frustration over packages that were damaged or left sitting on the side of the road.

Resort Damaged by Archie Creek Fire Hopes to Soon Reopen
The owners of a resort on the Umpqua River that was damaged by last year’s Oregon wildfires are hoping to open for guests by mid-March.

Home Badly Damaged In Fire
An early morning fire left a home badly damaged on Glen Mawr Street in Sheraden. PPS Board Votes On Delaying In-Person ClassesThe Pittsburgh Public Schools board met Wednesday night to vote on whether ...

Dog rescued from tornado-damaged home in Alabama
The tornado destroyed the home of the Williams family, and even damaged part of the basement tornado shelter where Jason Williams rode out the storm with his wife and youngest ...

Homes damaged, people rescued after mudslide near wildfire burn scar in Monterey Co.
Officials say about 75% of the people who live in the area decided to stay despite being under an evacuation notice.