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News for Devices

Amazon, Google, Apple back alliance to certify Matter smart home devices
Smart lightbulbs, door locks, thermostats and other devices should get along better once certified to work with a new network cooperation standard starting in 2021.

Most Wi-Fi Devices Released Since 1997 Are Vulnerable to FragAttacks
Design flaws in the Wi-Fi standard combined with programming mistakes in Wi-Fi products have created a perfect storm of vulnerability.

Bill to ban TikTok on U.S. government devices passes committee
The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee unanimously passed a bill that would ban U.S. federal workers from downloading the popular app TikTok onto U.S. government devices, ...

Time to patch against FragAttacks but good luck with home routers and IoT devices
A dozen flaws discovered, with at least one hitting anything that uses Wi-Fi. Thankfully, Microsoft patches are out, and Linux kernel patches are coming.

Update Windows (and Lots of Other Stuff) ASAP: 'FragAttack' Bugs Found Lurking in Millions of Wifi Devices
A slew of new wifi vulnerabilities impact everything from cellphones and routers to, well, anything wifi-connected, according to a new report by a Belgian cybersecurity expert.

Amazon’s new Echo Show devices are here to make your video calls better
Amazon announced updates to the Echo Show 5 and Show 8, alongside a new Echo Show 5 Kids. This comes only a few months after the company overhauled the Echo Show 10.

Matter Is a New Smart Home Standard to Make Apple, Google, and Amazon Devices Work Together
Matter is a new smart home standard that will make it easier to buy and set up gadgets from various companies.

WiFi vulnerability may leave millions of devices open to 'frag attacks'
A prolific security researcher has discovered a new flaw in the WiFi standard that affects most devices and protocols dating back to 1997.

Wireless multilateral devices for optogenetic studies of individual and social behaviors
The authors introduce advanced technology for controlled wireless light delivery in optogenetics applications with real-time user programming capacity. The utility of the platform is highlighted by ...

Amazon begins the ‘huge’ lift to shrink the carbon footprint of its devices to reach climate goals
Amazon's newest Echo Dot is sold in charcoal, glacier white and twilight blue. But behind the scenes, the smart speakers that deliver Alexa are newly greened. The Seattle-based tech giant is ...

Vivo promises three years of OS and security updates for upcoming flagship devices
Vivo has committed to providing three years of security and major Android OS updates for its upcoming flagship Android devices. Information surrounding the devices, all part of Vivo's new X series, ...

Amazon, Google, Apple back alliance to certify smart home devices that work together
Partners behind a standard called Matter want to make it easier for us to embrace smart lightbulbs, door locks and thermostats.