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News for Doom Pc

id Software is removing Doom Eternal's controversial PC anti-cheat system
The company also clarified that the anti-cheat system isn’t causing performance and stability issues like some people are saying. While the next update will remove Doom Eternal’s anti-cheat system on ...

This mod makes Doom 2 a third-person hack-and-slash
Eternal Slayer mod adds a 3D player model with modern Doomguy's sword to classic Doom 2 so you can rip and tear up the old levels with something closer to the new game's combat.  The mod isn't ...

id Software will remove Denuvo anti-cheat from PC version of Doom Eternal
Doom Eternal developer id Software will remove the game’s PC anti-cheat program, Denuvo, in its next patch. The anti-cheat technology was added with Doom Eternal’s first update on May 14 — less than a ...

Doom Eternal PC Update 1.1 to remove Denuvo Anti-Cheat following player backlash
As is often the case with Denuvo products, players were concerned to learn that Doom Eternal’s PC version would be employing Denuvo’s Anti-Cheat software into its recently Update 1. Id Software was ...

Doom Eternal Will Get Rid of Denuvo Anti-Cheat on PC Soon
Denuvo's new PC anti-cheat solution only just recently launched with its first game, Doom Eternal. But after a rash of negative feedback, developers id Software is planning to remove the tech within ...

Denuvo Anti-Cheat wasn't causing Doom Eternal issues, id says
Cheat has been massively contested from PC fans, and now id is taking it out. But the developer asserts anti-cheat wasn't causing the performance crashes from Update 1. In a recent Reddit post, id ...

DOOM Eternal’s first update on PC introduces Denuvo Anti-Cheat
The first update for DOOM Eternal on PC has added Denuvo Anti-Cheat software to the BATTLEMODE part of the game, making it a required installation for anyone wanting to play the game at all.

DOOM Eternal’s latest update has some PC players furious
Bethesda and id Software have pushed update 1 out to DOOM Eternal, adding new features like empowered demons, echelon leveling, and a new Precious Metals event. In fact, between these new ...

Next ‘Doom Eternal’ PC update will remove its anti-cheat system
Software has announced that its next PC update for ‘Doom Eternal’ will remove the Denuvo Anti-Cheat system that has been negatively received by players.

Doom Eternal Losing Controversial Anti-Cheat Software In Next Update
Doom Eternal has only had Denuvo anti-cheat software for a week, and already Id Software has agreed to take it out following the backlash from some PC players.

Doom Eternal Update 1 Out Now On Xbox One, PS4, And PC
Doom Eternal 's first update is now live for Xbox One, PS4, and PC, introducing new gameplay features, additional multiplayer levelling, and a host of quality of life fixes. The patch notes also ...

Doom Eternal to remove Denuvo Anti-Cheat on PC
Today, id Software announced that it was removing Denuvo Anti-Cheat in Update 1. The team says that the solution isn't that great and it's going to look at alternatives.