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Can Moderate Drinking Really Help Your Heart? What Experts Think
New research suggests moderate drinking may reduce risk of death from heart disease by lowering stress, but experts say the negative effects that alcohol can have on your health outweigh any potential ...

How Family Caregivers Can Determine if They Are Drinking Too Much
Many stressed family caregivers use alcohol and other substances to cope with their challenging duties. How can you tell if your drinking is a problem?

How has binge drinking culture shaped your relationship with alcohol? Insider wants to hear from you.
Binge drinking is the most common and costly pattern of alcohol abuse in the US, the CDC says. Oftentimes, the drinking habits someone develops when they're young stay with them later in life. We want ...

Yes, There Is Such a Thing as Drinking Too Much Water
Giant water bottles have exploded on social media, with influencers often espousing how they’re in “water-drinking competitions” with friends or that their new goal is to drink multiple gallons per ...

Pandemic drinking is on the rise. Here’s how to set healthy limits
Research shows that Americans are drinking more during the pandemic. Here's why that's troubling — and what experts suggest to avoid overdoing it.

Day Drinking, Italian Style
Lambrusco, the gently sparkling and often budget-friendly wine, is the drink of choice in Emilia-Romagna. And it tastes great in a briny spritz.

Can drinking coffee treat a hangover?
Coffee might help with some symptoms of a hangover, but it is unlikely to provide substantial relief and make even make some symptoms worse. Learn more here.

Women Lawyers More Stressed, Drinking More Than Men, Study Says
Overworked women lawyers experience more mental health problems and engage in high-risk drinking at a greater rate than male colleagues, a survey of nearly 3,000 attorneys in California and the ...

Pandemic drinking creates concern
Mirmiran is concerned about pandemic data which shows alcohol related hospitalizations increased by 61% last year, for things like alcohol related liver disease, according to a USC study. The Journal ...

More female than male lawyers are engaging in risky drinking, new study finds
A study of 2,863 attorneys compiled during the pandemic found that depression symptoms, anxiety and stress were higher among female respondents, and a larger percentage of women than men were and ...

A low-cost solution to remove arsenic from drinking water
High levels of a naturally occurring chemical called arsenic have been a source of contamination of ground-based drinking water, such as well-water, for people in many countries around the world, ...

Female lawyers more likely to report stress, risky drinking than male lawyers
Work-related factors impact the high rates of stress, risky drinking, and attrition in lawyers differently depending on gender, according to a study published May 12, 2021 in the open-access journal ...