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I’m A Shopping Writer, & I’m Buying These Handy TikTok Products To Decorate My New Apartment
I’m moving into my very first ~adult~ apartment soon, and I may or may not be procrastinating buying furniture and décor. To be honest, I haven’t bought anything yet, but one place I know I can count ...

Here are some handy tips for easier, faster searches
I helped a friend find some information on the internet. I don’t have any secret search engines, so I’m pretty sure he could have found the ...

Handy Device Emulates a CR2032 Battery
The CR2032 is king of the coin cell hill, especially for badges. But you can go through quite a few of them during the development process and that cost can add up. This handy device emulates both ...

Handy items to have to make a pot of soup
Heather Kyle-Harmon with the UT Extension shares some ingredients to have on hand to make a pot of soup. Oct. 21, 2021-4pm.

Buckle up for Diwali with these handy vacuum cleaners
The clock is ticking and so is Diwali. Get off your bed and schedule your cleaning sessions at the earliest. Wondering how you will do it single ...

Handy on another Vuka Plumtree project
Handy told NewsDay Life & Style that they are expecting to release two singles accompanied with visuals at the end of the month.

Gmail overhauls its recipient field with a new menu and handy visual indicators
From snoozing to helpful nudges, Gmail has quite a few little features that make that ever-growing pile of unread messages much easier to manage. The Workspace version of Gmail already tells you in ...

Mason Jars Magically Become Pourable Pitchers With These Handy Lids
Mason jars will forever be one of the most useful kitchen containers. Once whatever delicious filling or canned goodies are used up, they can be repurposed in so many different ways. But, wide mouth ...

KNIPEX launches the Pliers Wrench XS: 100 millimetres of pure gripping strength - small, handy and versatile
The tried and tested KNIPEX Pliers Wrench is now available as an XS version with a length of just 100 millimetres. With a width across flats of up to 21 millimetres, the small all-rounder has a ...

Restored grandeur in homely, handy Ranelagh for €1.695m
Some people consider two-storey-over-basement houses unsuitable for families with young children, but the downstairs layout of 77 Ranelagh Road, in Dublin 6, has been configured especially for them.

Marty’s Weather Blog: Keep Your Jacket Handy For Tuesday
In other words, Tuesday will be another “grab a jacket” morning. On Tuesday, a big wind shift occurs as the high swings our wind out of the south. And as I like to say, “weather is where does the air ...

Applying for health insurance doesn't have to be confusing. Here's a handy glossary
Picking health insurance takes a lot of work. It's not a one-size-fits-all type of situation, and there are a lot of confusing terms that come up every year. You also need to consider your general ...