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Graham crash sends moped rider to hospital by helicopter
A moped and a passenger vehicle collided on N.C. 54 in Graham sending the rider to UNC Hospitals by helicopter.

Navy helicopter engineer dismantles car to rescue stray kitten trapped inside
The eight-week-old kitten was discovered inside a tiny hole between the wheel arch and liner of a Volkswagen Golf.

Navy helicopter engineer dismantles car to save kitten
Shortly after, the kitten was discovered inside a hole between the wheel arch and liner and the trio were eventually able to get the injured stray out.

Cal Fire San Diego adds helicopter based in Ramona to region’s aerial firefighting arsenal
The helicopter became operational Monday. It’s the latest addition of aerial firefighting weapons in San Diego County. Earlier this year, the county approved a plan to buy a dual-engine helicopter for ...

COLUMN: In balloon and helicopter, she was free from the weight of reality
Then we get smacked in the head with the reality of others — and we feel silly. It’s 8:32 a.m. Sunday as I start this and I just returned from Hudson Falls where balloon pilot Dave Kramer and his ...

Man Chopped to Pieces by Helicopter After Exiting While Rotors Spinning
A British tourist has died in Greece, after being dismembered by the blades of a helicopter after getting too close to the aircraft while the engines were still running. British media identified ...

British tourist killed by helicopter rotor blades in Greece; 3 arrested, including pilot
A British tourist was killed by a helicopter rotor blades after landing in Greece, and now the pilot and two members of the ground crew are facing negligent homicide charges, according to reports.

A Helicopter Crashed on a Tractor. Its Operator Saved the Pilot.
By Jesus Jiménez A 19-year-old man was operating a tractor in a cherry orchard in Washington State last week when, seemingly out of nowhere, a helicopter fell on him. Within minutes, he was able ...

Dutch YouTuber breaks 'craziest world record' of pull-ups from helicopter
Youtuber and fitness enthusiasts Stan Browney and Arjen Albert from the Netherlands broke the world record of successfully completing the most number of pull-ups while hanging mid-air from a ...

British tourist killed by helicopter blade while taking a selfie
A British tourist was killed by a helicopter blade as he tried to snap a selfie in Greece — and now three crew members are under arrest, according to reports. Jack Fenton, 22, had just gotten ...

LI Man Arrested For Pointing Laser At Police Helicopter, Officials Say
A police helicopter was responding to an unrelated matter when authorities say a man pointed a laser at the pilot.

Helicopter pilot who died battling wildfires near Salmon remembered as hero and friend
Honor. Service. Sacrifice.