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NASA Mars helicopter Ingenuity: How to watch first flight unfold live
Let's take a moment to marvel at the phrase "the first powered, controlled flight on another planet." NASA hopes to achieve that momentous milestone very soon with the Ingenuity helicopter on Mars.The ...

NASA's Mars helicopter gets ready to make history
After a technical hiccup, engineers are hoping the Ingenuity spacecraft will soon become the first vehicle to take flight on another world.

Mars helicopter, Ingenuity, prepares for first historic test flight
The day is nearly here! Ingenuity, the little helicopter that tagged along to Mars with NASA's Perseverance rover, is set to make history in the first attempt at powered flight on another planet.

NASA's Mars helicopter Ingenuity: What you need to know before its first flight
Here's why Ingenuity is so ingenious. If you're wondering how NASA got a helicopter to Mars and feel like you haven't heard too much about it, it's probably because NASA's Perseverance rover stole all ...

Nasa delays Mars Ingenuity helicopter’s first flight after blades suddenly stop working
Nasa has been forced to delay the first flight of the Ingenuity Mars helicopter – which is set to be the first powered, controlled flight on another world – because of an unexpected failure of the ...

As NASA Perseverance rover watches, Ingenuity helicopter attempts first powered flight on Mars
Fifty-two days after its historic landing on Mars, the unmanned Perseverance rover will record a drone-sized helicopter called Ingenuity as it attempts – in a test evoking the Wright brothers at Kitty ...

Watch NASA attempt to fly its Ingenuity helicopter on Mars for the first time on Wednesday
NASA's Mars helicopter is set to make spaceflight history on Wednesday. But "there's a lot of things that could go wrong," one Ingenuity engineer said.

NASA delays historic flight of Mars helicopter Ingenuity for several days
An historic flight in which a 4-pound NASA helicopter would attempt to hover above the surface of Mars this weekend was delayed by at least several days on Saturday, April 10, officials said.

NASA is preparing to fly the Ingenuity helicopter on Mars, in an otherworldly ‘Wright brothers moment’
The flight of a tiny helicopter called Ingenuity, perhaps as early as April 11, would mark a first in interplanetary travel, demonstrate a new technology, and pave the way for future scientists and ...

NASA prepares for historic helicopter flight
Watch "NASA prepares for historic helicopter flight", a CBSN video on CBSNews.com. View more CBSN videos and watch CBSN, a live news stream featuring original CBS News reporting.

Photos: Historic NASA Ingenuity Helicopter to Make First Flight on Mars
Latest plans call for the tiny $85 million helicopter to take to red planet's skies no earlier than April 14 ...