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Helicopter sharpshooters to kill Grand Teton nonnative goats
CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) - A disputed effort to help native bighorn sheep in Grand Teton National Park was scheduled to start Friday with a helicopter buzzing over rugged peaks with sharpshooters aboard ...

Georgia man pleads guilty to shooting law enforcement helicopter he didn't like flying near home
A Georgia man pleaded guilty after prosecutors said he shot a helicopter piloted by a state trooper because he didn’t like it flying near his property. Terry Kielisch, 56, is facing a maximum sentence ...

Sarah Paulson Stars as a Terrifying Helicopter Mom with Sinister Results in First Run Trailer
Sarah Paulson is making her return to the silver screen. The official trailer for her latest film, Run, was released Thursday and stars Paulson as an unhinged and overbearing helicopter mom who has a ...

Man admits shooting helicopter piloted by state trooper
A Georgia man told investigators he shot a helicopter piloted by a state trooper because he didn't like it flying near his home, federal prosecutors said Friday.

VIDEO: Coyote leads Sacramento police helicopter on 'chase'
A unique "police chase" unfolded Thursday afternoon at the Sacramento Executive Airport. A coyote spotted on the airfield led a Sacramento police helicopter on a "chase." >> See the video in the ...

Sacramento police helicopter chases coyote off runway after shutting down airport
A police helicopter was called to chase off a coyote that wandered onto the runway and led to a temporary shutdown of operations at Sacramento Executive Airport on Thursday afternoon just east of ...

The Air Force just started testing its new Grey Wolf helicopter, the replacement for the Huey
The Air Force got its first in-flight look at the capabilities of the new MH-139A Grey Wolf helicopter.

Sikorsky lands $470.8M deal for presidential helicopter upgrade
Sikorsky Aircraft was awarded a $470.8 million modification for six VH-92A helicopters for the presidential helicopter replacement program.

Sikorsky-Boeing's SB-1 Defiant Helicopter Prototype Impresses Leaders in Flight Demo
WEST PALM BEACH, Florida -- In a demonstration Thursday for the U.S. Army's top civilian official, a Sikorsky-Boeing team flew experimental helicopter prototypes that could one day become the ...

New helicopter to help state monitor bears, survey flooding
ST. LOUIS (AP) - Missouri officials are spending $3.6 million to purchase a new helicopter to help fight fires, survey flooding and manage wildlife. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that the Airbus ...

Marine Pilot Who 'Borrowed' Helicopter to End Sniper Situation Has Died
Lt. General Charles "Chuck" Pitman passed away this past Thursday at age 84. His career spanned over 40 years, including three combat tours in Vietnam. He also was involved in Operation Eagle Claw, ...