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Samsung Galaxy S20 FE vs iPhone 12 camera shootout: Close, but not quite
The iPhone 12 is Apple’s affordable smartphone. The one that eschews some nice-to-have features for a lower, more approachable price point. Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is Samsung going all-in ...

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iOS 15 won’t support iPhone 6s or iPhone SE according to a new leak
OS 15 reportedly won’t support the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, or iPhone SE. iOS 14 supported all of the same phones that iOS 13 supported, but after five years, Apple might be ready to ...

3 new iPhone 12 home screen widgets to set up: Gmail, Google Drive, Google Fit
With the widgets, you'll be able to see relevant info for Gmail, Google Drive and Google Fit on your iPhone's home screen.

Will Apple do a Foldable iPhone or we’re expecting too much
If you stand on the street for a random survey – should Apple launch a foldable iPhone – you’ll return with replies in the affirmative more often than expected. The foldable phone market has ...

Review: Apple's iPhone 12 Pro Max is a lot of smartphone, and not for everybody
The iPhone 12 Pro Max is more than just the largest model in the 2020 iPhone collection, with the super-sized smartphone boasting better battery life and even camera specifications that improve on ...

Apple iPhone 12 Mini review: Proof big things can come in small packages
The smallest of the bunch, the $699 iPhone 12 Mini, has a display size of just 5.4-inches. Yes, it's smaller than the iPhone SE, which has a 4.7-inch screen. Apple sent me all four iPhone 12 models to ...

How to stop Google from tracking your iPhone's location
You can stop Google from tracking your iPhone by disabling the "Location History" option in your account settings.

Apple’s Black Friday deals are official: Free gift cards with iPhone 11, Apple Watch 3, AirPods, Macs, and others
Apple unveiled its traditional discounts for the four-day Black Friday shopping event that it hosts every year. Apple will offer buyers free gift cards ranging from $25 to $150 on various ...

How to sync a Google Calendar with your iPhone's built-in calendar app
You can sync your Google Calendar with your iPhone either by installing Google's Calendar app or by adding it to the iPhone's built-in Calendar app.

Best Buy Black Friday 2020: Here Are The Best iPhone 12 Deals
Best Buy Black Friday sales are running red hot and these are my top picks of the best new deals you need to know ...

iOS 14: Apple Issues Facebook Blow With Bold New iPhone Privacy Feature
Apple has just dealt a major blow to Facebook after confirming a long-awaited privacy feature is definitely coming in 2021.