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How much is the iPhone X? How to buy refurbished or used iPhone X models, starting at $639 from Apple
You can no longer buy the iPhone X, XR, XS, or XS Max in new condition, but you can buy them refurbished from Apple starting at around $640.

iPhone 11 reunited with owner after spending 6 months in a lake
A diver has recovered an iPhone 11 from the bottom of a lake in British Columbia, one that managed to survive submerged for almost 6 months.

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Upgrade your iPhone charger for $21.99
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Man claims iPhone X exploded in his pocket, sues Apple for second-degree burns
A Melbourne-based man has alleged the iPhone X exploded in his pocket. The explosion caused second-degree burns to his leg. Apple spokesperson said the matter is being investigated. An iPhone user ...

This is how long your iPhone battery should last between charges
After the debut of the iPhone in 2007, the developers at Apple worked hard to make their products stand out from the competition by introducing sleeker designs, clearer screens and more powerful ...

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Want the new iPhone but looking to save money? You're in luck. There's a few ways to save on your preorder – here's the best iPhone 12 deals.

Australian Man Sues Apple As iPhone X Explodes in Pocket, Causing Second-Degree Burns
Smartphones and other gadgets can catch fire due to the presence of a lithium-ion battery that is used to power them.

Poll: Would you pay for 1TB of storage on your next iPhone?
Expectations are building that for the first time, Apple could offer 1TB of storage with the iPhone 13. Would you pay for a 1TB iPhone?

Reformation Just Launched Its First Activewear Line, and Sizes Range From XS to 3X
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This iPhone trick that FINALLY lets you record video and play music at the same time
IF YOU'VE always wondered how to record video with your own soundtrack in the background, this new trick shows how you can do it. And it's surprisingly simple.

How to Close Apps on iPhone XR
If you recently upgrades to Apple’s budget iPhone XR from an older iPhone you may not know how to properly close your phone’s applications. If you previous owned an iPhone 8, iPhone 7, an older iPhone ...