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News for Israel

Israel Gives Vaccine to Far-Off Allies, as Palestinians Wait
The Israeli government has pledged to send thousands of spare coronavirus vaccines to foreign allies, reigniting a debate about Israel’s responsibilities to people closer to home: Palestinians living ...

For Israel's allies, road to vaccines runs through Jerusalem
When it comes to obtaining hard-to-get coronavirus vaccines, Israel's friends are discovering the road appears to run through Jerusalem. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday ...

Israel's Netanyahu Sets April Target for Reopening Economy
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks next to the Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis (unseen) after their meeting in the PM's office in Jerusalem February 8, 2021. Menahem Kahana/Pool ...

Israel doles out small batches of vaccines as diplomatic perks
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is giving small amounts of surplus vaccine to several countries that have warming relations with Israel, including two that have moved their embassies to the ...

Memoir by Amos Oz’s Daughter Divides Family and Shocks Israel
He told me I was filth,” Galia Oz writes in her book, “Something Disguised as Love,” among other accusations of physical and emotional abuse. Her mother and siblings have defended their late father.

In Israel and beyond, virus vaccines bring political power
Israel’s reopening of its economy, combined with a murky prisoner swap with Syria and the arrival of a batch of vaccines in the Gaza Strip, have all underscored how those with access to the vaccines ...

Israel opens vaccination site for Palestinians in east Jerusalem
As part of its effort to ramp up coronavirus vaccinations, Israel on Tuesday opened a station in east Jerusalem to share vaccines with Palestinian workers.

Israel places gag order on probe into oil spill that closed beaches and devastated wildlife
A suspected offshore oil tanker leak has shuttered Israel’s more than 100-mile coastline and caused an ecological disaster that could require years of cleanup.

Israel beaches covered in tar after oil spill
Stormy weather last week carried out the oil and tar to Israel’s beaches.  Thousands of volunteers organized by various Israeli environmental nongovernmental organizations joined efforts to clean the ...

Israel offers compensation to families of missing children
The Israeli government has approved a plan to offer $50 million in compensation to the families of hundreds of Yemenite children who disappeared in the early years of the country’s establishment ...

Bank of Israel holds key rate at 0.1%, concerned over new COVID-19 variants
The Bank of Israel left its benchmark interest rate at 0.1% for a seventh straight meeting on Monday, citing optimism that the rapid pace of the country's COVID-19 inoculation programme would boost ...