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News for Israel

The ABCs of ‘annexation:’ Why Israel and its critics use different words to say the same thing
Annexation vs. application of sovereignty, the West Bank vs. Judea and Samaria - it can all get so confusing. We’re here to help.

Israel undeterred by international opposition to annexation
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appears determined to carry out his pledge to begin annexing parts of the occupied West Bank, possibly as soon as Wednesday.

Israel's Annexation Excuses are All Factually, Legally and Logically Wrong | Opinion
Israel claims the areas it covets weren't sovereign territory before the War of 1967, that this war was "defensive", and that the British mandate of Palestine afforded national rights to Jews alone.

How Palestinians Can Reunite Under a New Agenda to Counter Israel's Annexation
The Palestinian leadership must rethink past commitments in order to build a new future together, writes former prime minister Salam Fayyad ...

Israel’s Netanyahu still working out West Bank annexation plans
There is no plan, so there is nothing to fight.” Late in the day, after meeting with U.S. officials, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a statement that they had discussed “the question of ...

The Guardian view on Israel and annexation: unlawful, unwise and immoral
Benjamin Netanyahu’s plans will compound the suffering of Palestinians. International condemnation should be accompanied by consequences ...

Let us nurture the EU-Israel relationship, not gamble it
Israel relations to further grow – which is a priority for the EU and which should be at the center of our efforts.

Love Israel? Oppose annexation.
The American Jewish community not only has the right but the mandate to critique our Israeli brothers and sisters.

Netanyahu signals possible delay in Israel's West Bank annexation plan
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Tuesday that discussions with the U.S. on his plan to annex occupied West Bank territory would continue “in the coming days,” indicating he would miss a July 1 ...

For $87 million, this U.S. ambassador’s residence in Israel could be yours
Until recent years, the property would have been slated to host lavish celebrations over the coming Fourth of July weekend. But under President Trump, the party has moved elsewhere.

Opinion: Israel Annexation Plan Diminishes Hope For Better Ties With Gulf Arab States
No Gulf Arab country will seriously contemplate normalizing ties with Israel unless Saudi Arabia does it first. The Saudis, who officially condemned the annexation plan, are nowhere close to doing so.

The chief justice: Mogoeng and his support of Israel
South Africa’s ruling party, the African National Congress, has condemned the country’s Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng over his expression of support for Israel during a webinar last week with Chief ...