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News for Israel

A Rap Song Lays Bare Israelโ€™s Jewish-Arab Fracture โ€” and Goes Viral
A Jew and a Palestinian sling slurs at each other, giving voice to hidden prejudice with the aim of overcoming it.

Restoring trust between Israel and the USA
The US-Israel alliance is unique. It is a combination of domestic politics and foreign policy that often overlaps, and that makes restoring trust a critical mission on many levels.

Boycotts against Israel are a new form of terrorism says President Herzog
He added that he had no doubt that all the former presidents and prime ministers of Israel would react sharply against BDS in all its forms.

Reporters Without Borders demands Israel stop exporting spyware
Leaked list shows 50,000 phone numbers believed to have been chosen by clients of Israelโ€™s NSO Group for surveillance.

Covid-busting โ€˜hand sanitizer for the noseโ€™ goes on sale in Israel
This antiviral nasal spray is capable of killing 99.9% of viruses within two minutes, and may be effective against the Delta variant.

Iran, terror concerns are changing Franceโ€™s ties with Israel, say visiting MPs
French parliamentarians meet with top Israeli leaders, with some sounding alarm over Hezbollah's grip over Lebanon, antisemitism in France ...

AIPAC-affiliated congressional trips to Israel set for August delayed over Delta variant concerns
The AIEF trips, usually organized in nonelection years for freshmen, are seen as key to building support for Israel in Congress.

U.S. won't reopen consulate in Jerusalem until Israel's Bennett passes budget
The Biden administration has decided to hold off on reopening the U.S. consulate in Jerusalem until after Israel's new government passes a budget, likely in early November, Israeli, U.S. and ...

U.S., Israel to launch second part of Juniper Falcon exercise this week
U.S. Air Force cargo planes arrived in Israel this week to support Juniper Falcon 21-2, a joint U.S.-Israeli military training exercise, the branch said on Wednesday.

Israel shakes up agriculture sector to cut produce costs
Israel's government on Wednesday unveiled a plan to lower fresh produce costs by cutting customs duties and opening the sector to competition, potentially ending years of prices far above Western ...

Jewish Rights Groups: Johns Hopkins University 'Must Do More' After TA's Anti-Israel Tweets
Two Jewish human rights groups call for a public statement from Johns Hopkins University following the investigation of teaching assistant's anti-Israel tweets.

Reporters Without Borders urges Israel to stop exporting spyware
Reporters Without Borders Wednesday urged Israel on Wednesday to suspend exports of spying technology amid allegations it was used to target more than a dozen heads of state and hundreds of ...