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A Comprehensive Guide to the Infinity Stones
These Infinity Stones each control an essential aspect of existence ... the Tesseract is now the test subject of Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S., an operation led by a U.S. Air Force scientist named Dr. Wendy ...

Let He Who Is Without Yeezys Cast the First Stone
Carl Lentz, the pastor who baptized Justin Bieber in a professional basketball player’s bath tub, appeared wearing a pair of Nike Air Fear of God sneakers that were selling online for about $500. Then ...

31-stone man who forced air stewardess to wipe his backside dies on holiday
A 31-stone passenger who ‘moaned in pleasure’ as he forced a flight attendant to wipe his backside has died on a Thai island. A spokesman for the airline EVA Air said they were told the ...

Serena Williams Finally Scored a Real Estate Win in Bel Air
but Serena Williams has finally scored a buyer in Bel Air. Alas, Williams wasn’t able to hit an ace, and the six-bedroom, seven-bathroom abode on Stone Canyon languished on the sales market.

Scientists climb UChicago buildings to study air quality and pollution
But scientists recently scaled its 271 stone steps to the highest point on campus in order to study air quality and pollution across Chicago. At Rockefeller, researchers from UChicago and Harvard ...

Fungal hydrophobins render stones impermeable for water but keep them permeable for vapor
A second major threat to buildings is the combination of water and air contaminants which may be used by microorganisms for their metabolism. Hence, myriads of different bacteria and fungi populate ...

‘I’m psychic’: White Sox analyst Steve Stone on why he knows more than you think
Stone’s directness has been both friend and foe in his dealings in baseball and business. In the form of on-air criticism — justified, for those scoring at home — it famously led to his ...

Jet Air will do everything to make a comeback: CEO
Jet Airways is constantly engaging with the government and lenders for a resolution of the current debt crisis and will not leave any stone unturned to revive the airline, its chief executive officer ...

Novi police name new K-9 after local fallen Air Force veteran
Becker served in the Air Force for 10 years. He was deployed nine times and ... It includes a tree, plaque and stone bench inscribed with “Andy’s Bench” with bronze boots. Becker's parents, Gary and ...

Stepping stones lead into house extension over an English lake by Hamish & Lyons
Glass walls that wrap around Stepping Stone House incorporate sliding sections so the interiors can be opened up to the fresh air. The remaining surfaces are clad in brick to reference the existing ...

Air France Is Offering Free Flights to Paris for Those Helping Rebuild Notre Dame
As he noted, “We need to open some 100 places in our carpentry, stone-cutting and roofing sections.” So, odds are Air France will be offering those flights to experts for years to come.

The burning of a great stone book
“A vast symphony in stone,” wrote Victor Hugo of Notre Dame in his novel ... indestructible; it is in the air we breathe. In the days of architecture, thought became a mountain, and boldly possessed ...