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News for Wind & Woodwind

Wind Symphony readies for ’21 season
For the first time since COVID-19 raised its ugly head, the beautiful, comforting sounds of Christmas will come again from the Ole Brook Wind Symphony. “Due to COVID, this will be our first concert ...

Vernon museum to host Wind Jammers Quintet for live concert Dec. 2
The sound of music will be echoing through the Vernon Museum. The Music in the Museum series is back with a live holiday concert Dec. 2. “The museum launched its Music in the Museum series with a well ...

Cleveland Youth Wind Symphony
Cleveland Youth Wind Symphony The Cleveland Youth Wind Symphonies (CYWS), honors bands featuring woodwind, brass, and percussion students from more than 50 school districts throughout Northeast Ohio, ...

Clarinet professor helps teach wind students
“I participated two years ago and the first time they had a woodwind faculty in the area ... of posture and breathing with the entire wind section. It’s a little different with some students.

The SDSO’s Dakota Wind Quintet To Be In Vermillion For Special NMM Live! Concert
The South Dakota Symphony Orchestra’s Dakota Wind Quintet will be performing at the National Music Museum in Vermillion this month as part of the NMM Live! concert series on Sunday, ...

DEDICATION Comes to Den Norske Opera & Ballett This Month
When five wind players from the Oslo Chamber Academy gather in The Studio, it is to share with the audience some of the most exciting works ever written for woodwind instruments from Scandinavia.

UPEI Wind Symphony returns to the stage
UPEI's wind symphony is a chance for music students who play woodwind, brass or percussion instruments to perform in a high-quality ensemble. This week marks their first in-person performance in two ...

SDSO’s Dakota Wind Quintet To Perform In Vermillion
The South Dakota Symphony Orchestra’s Dakota Wind Quintet will be performing at the National Music Museum (NMM) in Vermillion this month as part of the NMM Live! concert ...

Criticism: Tuning into true classics
Serenity, beauty and an ode to loved ones: the three key ingredients to the classic, multi-movement serenade piece.

Outdoor education and wind instruments banned while sport allowed
For our free coronavirus pandemic coverage, learn more here. Music teachers and the $7 billion outdoor education industry are struggling for survival with many workers quitting or being stood down ...