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News for Wind & Woodwind

29 Bay Area events to celebrate Beethoven’s 250th birthday
Great Ludwig! The big Beethoven 250 will be celebrated across the Bay Area with concerts, exhibits, woodwind nature hikes, a biergarten bash and more than one Beethoven-inspired ball.

CLC wind symphony to kick off spring season
Musicians are invited to join the Central Lakes College Wind Symphony, which will kick off its spring season at 7 p.m. Feb. 24 in the music rehearsal hall on the CLC Brainerd campus. The group ...

UW-EC wind and percussion players to perform
The concert will feature performances from students in the wind and percussion division. Groups include brass ensembles, woodwind ensembles, jazz combos, jazz bands and the Symphony Band and Wind ...

Tartan and tunes create sentimental feelings
Next it was the turn of the school’s woodwind musicians, with flautists Annie, Cara and Gemma taking to the stage, followed by Emma with her clarinet. The wind performers played Loch Lomond, Ye Banks ...

Concert showcases West Texas Winds
The event will feature “Wind Quintet in B-Dur, op. 56, No. 1” by Franz Danzi ... She performs regularly as a member of the West Texas Winds woodwind quintet and teaches at the University of Texas ...

Sea and Song concert to benefit UVic music students
woodwind and percussion performance. Admission is $20 for adults, $15 for seniors and $10 for students and UVic alumni. The concert runs 8 to 10 p.m. Friday at The Farquhar at the University of ...

Michigan Rattlers Kick Up Dirt with New Single “Desert Heat”
A Mojave road trip, red dust kicked up by the wind and tires, windows down and shades on feeling invincible ... A step sideways from their previous folk-country debut Evergreen and self-titled EP, ...

Second life for clarinets that have returned to Bradford
Bradford Council’s music service has been gifted a pair of the woodwind instruments by an Oxford woman who wanted them to return ... from beginner bands through to flagship ensembles like the Bradford ...

Borealis Wind Quintet Beats the Odds
But members of the Borealis Woodwind Quintet have been nominated for a Grammy. LIANE HANSEN, host: The Borealis Wind Quintet also received the uncommon recognition of a Grammy nomination.

An Electronic Woodwind With An Onboard Synthesizer
About a year ago, we saw a project on Hackaday.io for a MIDI wind controller. Keyboard MIDI controllers are a dime a dozen, but if you want something that actually sounds like a brass or woodwind ...

Schoenberg: Chamber Symphony No 2, Die glückliche Hand, Wind Quintet The Sunday Times review
Craft has been recording his way through Schoenberg's oeuvre for Naxos, and this disc is a particularly enjoyable stage, though not all will agree. The quintet, Schoenberg's first large-scale use ...

B.M. in Woodwind, Brass or Percussion Performance
In our woodwind, brass, or percussion performance ... we are able to offer a variety of classes and performance opportunities from wind symphonies to jazz ensembles. We also offer state-of-the ...