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News for Wind & Woodwind

Q&A: First UA Wind Ensemble Solo Artist winner blew away competition
Undergraduate and graduate students in the woodwind, brass and percussion studios ... McKee’s “Centennial Horizon” for trumpet and wind ensemble on Friday, April 26, in Crowder Hall.

Schoenberg: Chamber Symphony No 2, Die glückliche Hand, Wind Quintet The Sunday Times review
Craft has been recording his way through Schoenberg's oeuvre for Naxos, and this disc is a particularly enjoyable stage, though not all will agree. The quintet, Schoenberg's first large-scale use ...

Lawrence wind quintets call it quits
Members of the Lawrence Woodwind Quintet have been blowing their horns and wind instruments since about 1969. Their sister group, CottonWood Winds, has been around for some 15 years. But the ...

An Electronic Woodwind With An Onboard Synthesizer
About a year ago, we saw a project on Hackaday.io for a MIDI wind controller. Keyboard MIDI controllers are a dime a dozen, but if you want something that actually sounds like a brass or woodwind ...

Sonority - woodwind
Folk music features a range of wind instruments including bagpipes and whistles. The use of woodwind instruments depends on the period of music. In the Baroque period woodwind instruments were ...

Wind Chamber Ensembles
The Mercury Woodwind Quintet is made up of juniors and seniors from multiple degree programs at Montana State. They rehearse two times a week. They perform frequently at recitals and in the community.

Bridges Events March 13-19
Mozart Meets Monk: March 18, 7:30 p.m., at Broadway Theatre. Presented by Saskatoon Community Bands. Featuring Wind Ensemble, Prairie Winds Woodwind Quintet, and Jazz Band. Tickets at 306-652-6556, ...

DK Arts & Entertainment: Musical Instruments
There are four acoustic groups: percussion (hit or shaken), wind (woodwind and brass; blown), string (bowed or plucked), and keyboard (played with fingers). An instrument creates sound when part of it ...

Fair Lawn Clarinetist Receives Honorable Mention in Ridgewood Choral Scholarship Competition
Daniel Ketter, clarinetist of Fair Lawn, received Honorable Mention in the Florence Reinauer Memorial Music competition, according to Ridgewood Choral.

Orli Shaham’s Bach Yard: “Welcome the Winds!”takes center stage at Princeton University
will feature wind players from Ensemble Connect ... the four instrument families of the orchestra: strings, brass, woodwind, and percussion. A musical story time, narrated by Shaham, is part ...