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News for Bentley

Bentley 6.8-Liter Engine, Longest V-8 in Continuous Production, Is No More
Bentley has pulled the plug on the venerable 6.8-liter V-8. After almost 62 years and 36,000 units, the powerplant that started out in 1959 is meeting its fate together with the Bentley Mulsanne sedan ...

Gladys Bentley: Gender-Bending Performer and Musician
Gladys Bentley joined New York’s Harlem Renaissance jazz scene at age 16 and became an instant sensation and gender identity pioneer, performing piano and vocals at the most popular gay bars, wearing ...

The Venerable Bentley 6¾-Liter V-8 Is Dead After 61 Years
After six decades of continuous production, the L-Series V-8 introduced by Rolls-Royce and Bentley has been retired. Its last home was the Mulsanne.

Bentley builds its final 6.75-liter V8, ending a 61-year production run
Bentley has just finished its very last 6.75-liter V8. While engines come and go, this is significant because Bentley has been building this engine, known as the L-series, for 61 years. This final ...

Bentley Flying Spur is a fusion of cutting-edge tech and artisan craftsmanship
WHOEVER said “you can’t have it all” was wrong. Absolutely, totally, 100 per cent wrong. You just need £168,300. Because Bentley’s latest creation, the Flying Spur, is half Queen’s limousine, half ...

Bentley's 6.75-Liter V-8 Gets the Axe After 61 Years
After six decades of continuous production, the L-Series V-8 introduced by Rolls-Royce and Bentley has been retired. Its last home was the Mulsanne.

Bentley retires its 6.75-liter V8 engine after 61 years of service
The younger generation might not know it, but Bentley’s 6.75-liter V8 engine is the longest-serving V8 motor in continuous production – until now, that is. The final example of this 6.75-liter ...

Peter Andre’s embarrassed son Junior refuses to drive with him in £80k Bentley to the Co-op in Life with the Andres clip
PETER Andre embarrassed his son Junior insisting on driving his £80k Bentley to the local Co-op this week. In a hilarious clip from tonight’s episode of the family’s new reality show ...

Bentley's last 6.75-litre V8 rolls off the production line
View partners It's farewell to Bentley's magnificent V8 as the final L-Series lump is fitted into a limited-edition Mulsanne… Bentley’s Crewe factory saw the end of an era on Tuesday when the final 6.

After over 60 Years in Service, Bentley L-Series V8 Production Ends
The Bentley 6.75-liter V8 is a prime example of what happens when an automaker effectively hot-rods its own engine over six-plus decades.

Bentley Systems Announces the Acquisition of NoteVault, Provider of Voice-based Field Automation for Construction Management
Bentley Systems, Incorporated, a leading global provider of comprehensive software and digital twins services for advancing the design, construction, and operations of infrastructure, today announced ...

Bentley's 6.75-Liter V8 Engine Retires After 61 Years in Production
Once a mainstay of cars and trucks across the globe, the V8 is now starting to look like an endangered species. The impending death of the CT6-V will soon displace Cadillac's precious Blackwing from ...