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News for Coins & Paper Money

Clock is ticking on some paper notes at the Bank of England
Paper £20 and £50 notes issued by the Bank of England, which were replaced with new polymer notes, will no longer be legal tender Sept. 30, 2022, and billions of pounds still remain in circulation.

Rare coins news – Bronze 1943 Lincoln penny sold for $1.7million as 50 cent & Buffalo nickels found worth THOUSANDS
AN incredibly rare Lincoln penny has sold for an astonishing $1.7million, with an obscure reason behind its sky-high price. The 1943 rare coin was sold in 2010, with an unnamed businessman adding ...

What the History of Money Says About Its Future
Under its rules, anybody who wanted to could trade in paper money for a fixed amount of gold. In the U.S., $20.67 got you an ounce of gold, year in and year out. That unchanging value was the whole ...

At some Walmarts, you can now buy bitcoin from a kiosk
Coinstar kiosks, which people typically use to trade in coins for paper money or gift cards, will now also be used to purchase bitcoin in some Walmart stores, the company announced. See also: ...

The Worldwide Church Will Benefit From Global Money
Like the printing press and the internet, Bitcoin is an invention that addresses many of the challenges of evangelism.

Walmart now offers bitcoin at 200 of its stores
Bitcoin could now be purchased at Walmart through Coinstar kiosks located inside 200 of its stores in the US. This move is part of a pilot program with Coinstar, which is offering bitcoin at more than ...

All you need to know about Binance Coin
BNB is a cryptocurrency that has the potential to help traders and investors alike and has huge growth potential as cryptocurrencies become more mainstream.

Money and the Constitution
Robert Mulligan Ratified between 1771 and 1781, the Articles of Confederation remained in force until they were superseded by the Constitution in 1788. In force for seven years, the Articles ...

Why Australians are hoarding 5¢ coins and gold bullion
Households were not only buying up canned goods and toilet paper during the coronavirus pandemic, they were also stocking up on rolls of coins.

Is it prudent to phase out the GHC1 and GHC2 currency notes and use their respective coin equivalents?
The cost of printing a unit of a currency note could be higher than the face value of the currency. Thus, it is comparatively true that a lot of money goes into printing currencies, especially lesser ...

Why Edward Snowden Called GovCoins 'Cryptofascist' Currencies
Edward Snowden says Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) deny you ownership of your money. Find out why he's concerned about the rise of govcoins.

High School Football Teams Replaced The Coin Toss With Rock, Paper, Scissors In A Change We Can Get Behind
Two high school football teams in Illinois replaced the traditional pregame coin toss with a game of rock, paper, scissors.