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Snyder, Union counties to use schools buildings for jury selection due to COVID-19 pandemic
Snyder County this Friday will move into the “green” phase of Gov. Wolf’s reopening program and Union County is expected to be “green” by the time juries are selected.

Joyful Musings: What To Do When A Bug Lands On A Bald Guy's Head
A bug hovered directly on top of his noggin, floated down and landed so gently it was a total lunar landing. That bug landed so perfectly, so lightly, the man did not even flinch. I half expected the ...

Lee Heeter
I enjoy working with patients who are in times of transition, such as beginning or ending relationships, jobs, or graduation. I am also experienced at helping you with coming out as GLBTQ ...

Joyful Musings: Aunt Billie, 102, Peace And Grace Between Pandemics
Writer Nell Scovell explains, "While work expands to fill the time, time expands to fill the mission." I muse joyfully on the mission and passing of my Aunt Billie earlier this week; I muse joyfully ...

Dr. Kimberly L. Heeter
U.S. News provides information on each dentist's specialty, patient experience, and location to help you find the best dentist for you. Dr. Kimberly L. Heeter is a pediatric dentist in Medford ...

Allison Heeter-Condon, LLC
The thought of therapy can feel overwhelming for any individual. As an experienced marriage and family therapist, I can make this process less stressful while helping you find lasting solutions to ...

Bowen: Rebuilding a west Pasco community, one meal at a time
"And this is the nicer part," confessed Lisa Heeter, 40, who spends a lot of time in the 8,100-square-foot building in a job titled neighborhood impact director. The structure is the Holiday Lake ...

Budget Vogue: Finding relaxation in the backyard
Here at my quarantined Budget Vogue desk, I plan for a well-deserved, well-thought-out, well-choreographed summer retreat: the backyard tent.