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News for Agriculture & Forestry

Food, ag and forestry get their own science-based targets
Land-conversion emissions have always been hard to measure and reduce but these new guidelines will help lay the path for the food, ag and forestry sector.

Agriculture sector's growth in 2021
Agriculture sector overcame difficulties caused by Covid-19 to enjoy strong growth, with crop cultivation restructured properly in 2021.

Talking Point: Urgent action needed on special forestry test
Federated Farmers is calling on the government to live up to its pledge and review the Overseas Investment Act "special forestry test" and be fair to sheep and beef farmers. We un ...

Lords warn agriculture sector being ‘undermined’
The Government’s failure to properly support nature-based solutions risks undermining the agricultural sector and net zero ambitions, a House of Lords report has warned.

Area briefs: Ag and forestry scholarship available for college students
LAKE CITY — The Sustainable Agriculture & Forestry Scholarship Endowment Fund is seeking qualified students to apply for a $5,000 scholarship for the upcoming fall season scholarship. The fund, ...

The Most Profitable Way To Invest in Agriculture
What is the most profitable way to invest in Agriculture? The world’s population is evolving, and living in rural areas is decreasing. Clever investors see this as an indicator that demand and ...

Job as state Agriculture Secretary 'dream come true' for Lohr
Fifth-generation Rockingham County farmer Matt Lohr stopped for a moment and pointed at the two-story white home on the other side of the small valley between the inclines ...

Agriculture-Forestry Project Monitoring Information System Launched With The Help Of FAO, IFAD
Agriculture-Forestry Project Monitoring Information System Launched With The Help Of FAO, IFAD. \| 10:45 AM \| 17 views. VIENTIANE. Capacity in ...

Hanoi City needs its agricultural development orientation
Vice-Chairman of City People's Committee Hanoi, Mr. Nguyen Manh Quyen, spoke at the meeting with the Mission of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. Photo: Bao Thang. With about 10.33 ...

Proposed budget includes $841,000 for UAM Forestry
Gov. Asa Hutchinson's proposed budget includes $841,000 for the University of Arkansas at Monticello's College of Forestry, Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Shane Gadberry appointed director of Livestock and Forestry Research Center near Batesville
After 25 years as an extension livestock specialist for the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture, Dr. Shane Gadberry has been appointed resident director of the Livestock and ...

Cambodia: Public-private Agriculture 4.0 greenhouse deal struck
The minister said the MoU requires all parties to work together to build 10,000 Agriculture 4.0 greenhouses over the next 10 years that are to produce at least 400 tonnes of crops a year.