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News for Paper

Ilhan Omar's City Paper Endorses Her Challenger, Rebukes Her Israel Remarks and 'Campaign-Finance Issues'
"[Omar's] time has been marred by missteps, including remarks on Israel widely regarded as anti-Semitic, an outsized number of missed votes, and campaign-finance issues," the Star Tribune's editorial ...

Bankrupt Retailer Paper Store Attracts Insider-Led Stalking-Horse Bid
An investment group that includes members of Paper Store’s founding Anderson family has made an offer to buy the bankrupt retailer out of bankruptcy, subject to higher bids at auction.

She’s a soccer freestyle star from Weston, but it’s toilet paper juggling that’ll get her on CBS
Viral video gets local Cirque du Soleil artist and Guinness World Record holder onto CBS' TV show "The Greatest #AtHome Videos" on Friday, August 7.

Paper Should Have Published My Initial Criticism of Article: Letter
I concluded that no news publication should publish claims of a candidate’s purported race bias based almost exclusively on the misleading representations of his opponent and his proxies, particularly ...

State Journal editor to step down; John Smalley led hometown paper since 2008
Smalley’s last day with the newspaper will be Aug. 21, ending 39 years of service with Lee Enterprises, which owns half of the paper’s publisher, Capital Newspapers.

Paper Mario: The Origami King's Latest Update Fixes A Game-Breaking Bug
The Origami King. The latest update fixes a game-breaking bug that was recently discovered 20 to 30 hours into Mario's newest RPG adventure. Nintendo acknowledged the bug in a statement last week and ...

A dog ate a paper face mask and required ‘life-saving surgery,’ Animal Rescue League says
The Animal Rescue League of Boston is warning people to properly dispose of personal protective equipment after a dog recently ate paper masks. The PPE-eating pooch named Gibbs required life-saving ...

StratEdge White Paper, “Eutectic Die Attach Optimizes High Power GaN Devices,” is Now Available
StratEdge announces a new white paper is available which discusses assembly methods to optimize GaN device’s efficiency, performance, and reliability.

Q. What are those colorful folded paper cranes for?
A. "Origami" paper cranes can be seen throughout the city. They became a symbol of peace because of a 12-year-old bomb survivor, Sadako Sasaki, who, while battling leukemia, folded paper ...

1 Paper Shredding Events To Take Place Across Monmouth County
"Discarding of personal documents properly protects residents from identity theft, but also helps reduce your impact on the environment." ...

U.S billionaire Friedkin to seal purchasing of AS Roma on Thursday - paper
U.S. billionaire Dan Friedkin is set to sign a deal for the purchase of Italian Serie A soccer club AS Roma in the next few hours, Italian daily Il Messaggero reported on Thursday.