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News for Animation Characters

White actors are resigning from voicing characters of color on animated shows
Now, several animated shows have recently joined the conversation about racial injustice and erasure in the industry. Jenny Slate announced last week she will no longer be voicing the biracial ...

‘The Simpsons’ To ‘Family Guy’: White Actors Who Have Chosen To Stop Voicing Animated Black Characters
While Black actors often ask for diversity in front of the camera, there are tons of Black voice actors who are also asking for an equal playing field in front of the mic. Many are just now ...

Man’s self-taught 3D Animated Character is Hilarious
Someone taught themselves how to do 3D animation while in lockdown. The ultimate fruit of this crash course is Bimpson, the latest meme sensation.

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Jenny Slate, Kristen Bell give up biracial cartoon characters on 'Big Mouth,' 'Central Park'
Jenny Slate and Kristen Bell have decided to no longer voice their biracial roles on the cartoons "Big Mouth" and "Central Park" respectively.

The Insidious Racism of White Actors Voicing Black Animated Characters
Both Kristen Bell and Jenny Slate, two white actors, have announced plans to quit voicing Black animated characters. But the practice is a glaring example of how deep the rot goes.

7 Major Animated Black Characters Who Are Voiced by White Actors
Actress Jenny Slate today announced that she will no longer voice the character of Missy Foreman-Greenwald, a young mixed-race girl on Netflix animated comedy "Big Mouth." ...

Jenny Slate And Kristen Bell Will Stop Playing Biracial Cartoon Characters
The white actors will no longer play characters on Big Mouth and Central Park. Instead, they ask that Black voice actors be cast. Nick Kroll, co-creator of Big Mouth, apologized and agrees.

Jenny Slate, Kristen Bell quit animated shows where they voiced biracial characters
The actresses who voiced characters on "Big Mouth" and "Central Park" both said the roles should be given to Black actors.

Jenny Slate, Kristen Bell will no longer provide voices for biracial cartoon characters
The two big-name actresses said in separate statements that the roles should be voiced by Black actors who could better portray the characters.

Jenny Slate, Kristen Bell to stop voicing biracial cartoon characters
The two big-name actresses said in separate statements that the roles should be voiced by Black actors who could better portray the characters.