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News for State Plates

Vermont could be the first state with emoji license plates
The bill would allow Vermonters to add emoji to vanity license plates, which no US state currently allows.

Vermont bill would allow emojis on state-issued license plates
A bill seeking to create a new vanity license plate featuring emojis was introduced to Vermont's house committee on transportation Wednesday. State Rep. Rebecca White (D-Windsor) introduced the bill, ...

Florida, the license plate state: Will it offer ones for Bulldogs and War Eagles?
With 122 plates currently available for sale, it follows way behind Texas with 360 designs and Virginia with 340 different tags. But perhaps no other state offers a more creative variety of license ...

Oklahoma state senators want 'MAGA' license plate designs, raising campaign finance concerns
The designs include two of Trump's signature slogans, "Make America Great Again" and "Keep America Great," for drivers to upgrade their plates.

Vermont could give thumbs-up to emojis on license plates, would be first state to permit such foolishness
Vermont drivers could soon be licensed to have a little more fun. State legislators are considering a bill that would permit emojis on license plates, local NBC affiliate WPTZ reported. Vermont would ...

Are Florida license plates about to cross the state line?
With 122 plates currently available for sale, it follows way behind Texas with 360 designs and Virginia with 340 different tags. But perhaps no other state offers a more creative variety of license ...

Emojis Might Soon Be Allowed on State-Issued Vermont License Plates
A proposed bill in Vermont’s state legislature would open the door for vehicle owners to add emojis to their personalized license plates. The state’s signature green plates have typically been locked ...

New England state considering bill to allow emojis on license plates
A bill seeking to create a new vanity license plate featuring emojis was introduced to the state's house committee on transportation Wednesday. EDITOR'S NOTE: The attached rendering was not provided ...

A Vermont Bill Wants to Permit Emoji License Plates
A new bill introduced in the Vermont House of Representatives is calling to permit the use of emojis on state license plates. Introduced by Democrat Rebecca White, the proposed legislation will allow ...

Golden State Plate: Sriracha’s Journey From Southeast Asia to Southern California
He moved to Los Angeles in 1979 and established his business in Chinatown, delivering the product himself in a blue Chevy van. “California is the farmer state. They have a lot of produce. So I start a ...

Four Louisiana kids and their mom are 'endangered;' State Police are asking for your help
A 33-year-old mother and four of her children ranging in age from 4 to 11 are "endangered," and Louisiana State Police have issued a missing children/welfare concern alert asking for the public's help ...

Which state could be the first to have Emoji license plates?
Legislation currently under consideration in the Vermont House of Representatives would, if passed, make the state the first in the U.S. to allow drivers to customize their license plates with Emoji.