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News for Flags

Volunteers step up to plant American flags at Fort Custer National Cemetery
The threat of coronavirus did not stop droves of volunteers from showing up at Fort Custer Sunday to honor those laid to rest at the national cemetery. Hundreds of volunteers from around west Michigan ...

In Montgomery County a Memorial Day coronavirus controversy over American flags
When Montgomery County refused to release the flags Boy Scouts and others typically place on veterans graves for Memorial Day, a Pennsburg woman took matters into her own hands, raising money to ...

Legion honors veterans’ graves with flags
Veterans gathered on Memorial Day weekend to continue a tradition that goes back decades in Ridgefield: the honoring of veterans' graves with American flags.

Utah lowers flags for COVID-19 victims
The gesture was in conjunction with the White House lowering flags at federal buildings throughout the country.

Memorial Day’s sea of flags will be missing from national cemeteries because of coronavirus
The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs says there will not be any mass placing of flags this year. Individual families may do so during a private visit to the graves, including flowers.

How missed ‘red flags’ helped Nigerian fraud ring ‘Scattered Canary’ bilk Washington’s unemployment system amid coronavirus chaos
The monumental pilfering of hundreds of millions of dollars worth of Washington unemployment benefits was abetted by a once-a-generation flood of jobless claims, but the security experts say the state ...

Soldier honors fallen veterans with flags
An Army soldier is placing 500 flags at the gravesites of veterans in South Tacoma. Due to COVID-19 concerns, cemeteries in the South Sound are not allowing large gatherings for Memorial Day.

Veterans visit local cemetery to place flags at graves of the brave
Jewish war veterans from Post 243 saluted and honored their fallen brothers and sisters to remind everyone of the sacrifice of Memorial Day heroes.

A hundred flags placed at NJ Veterans Home in Paramus to honor coronavirus victims
The Passaic Valley Elks Lodge honored veterans at the New Jersey Veterans Home in Paramus who died from coronavirus complications.

NC Gov. Cooper orders flags to be at half-staff Monday in honor of Memorial Day
Governor Roy Cooper has ordered all United States and North Carolina flags at state facilities to be flown at half-staff on Monday until 12 noon in honor of Memorial ...

Flags could be key to reopening NYC beaches to swimming: Council members
Members of the City Council issued recommendations on how to reopen beaches to swimming, including using flags to mark social distancing restrictions.

Virginia Beach flying red flags at Sandbridge beach
Officials at Sandbridge beach are flying red flags Sunday morning due to rough surf. The City of Virginia Beach posted the warning on social media urging residents to ...