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News for Civil War (1861-65)

US House Approves Removing Confederate Statues From Capitol
The US House of Representatives on Wednesday approved a measure removing from Capitol Hill statues of people who served in the Confederacy during the country's bitter 19th century Civil War. While the ...

Rites of August First
and the start of the Civil War (1861-65). August First was an international commemorative day from the very start. JR Kerr-Ritchie’s interesting book, Rites of August First: Emancipation Day in ...

US House votes in favour of removing Confederate statues from Capitol Hill
Representative Karen Bass from California said that these statues represent “an acceptance of white supremacy and racism”.

US House approves removing Confederate statues from Capitol
During the 1861-65 Civil War several southern states tried to secede and form an independent slaveholding republic. The measure would also remove the statues of three men who either supported ...