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Wolverine Is the Best There Is at Saying "Bub" in This X-Men Cartoon Super Cut
The 50-year-old Australian actor in reaffirmed last year that he’s “done” as Wolverine, admitting to MTV it was time to hang up the claws. “When I saw Deadpool, I was like, wow that’s cool.

THE BEAT PICKS: 5 actors who should play the MCU’s Wolverine
But once I heard speculation that he was a favorite to don the claws of everyone’s favorite Canuck mutant ... It’s from this role that I think Theroux has shown the perfect qualities to play Wolverine ...

An ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Director Reveals How Wolverine Would Have Fit Into The Movie
And what they need is Wolverine using his claws against Thanos’ double-edged sword, which I’m certain already exists as fan fiction on the internet. As for Jean Grey: getting snapped away is a ...

Hugh Jackman, 50, shares posts a graphic photo of his hand injury
nope he's not putting the claws on again, Hugh occasionally posts throwback photos from behind the scenes of X-men movies he's been in.' 'And this picture is to do with his live show in which he ...

What kind of superhero would succeed as a corporate leader?
Others are positively counter-productive. There will be times when, as the boss, you might yearn for the retractable adamantium claws of Wolverine, if only to put a bit of force behind your ...

Wolverine star Hugh Jackman remembers 1st time he bled portraying X Men role thanks to Deadpool Ryan Reynolds
Hugh Jackman has set a benchmark for Wolverine on the big screen. The Aussie actor has essayed the role of the X-Men character for 16 years. He hung his claws with Logan, which released in 2017. He ...

Maori musical theatre magic
Running around in a makeshift Wolverine outfit, all gelled hair, drawn on side-burns and pound-shop knives for claws, Spooner finds comfort in the outlaw mutant's rugged individuality. And when he ...

The Russo Brothers say they would pop their claws for a Wolverine movie
Everyone knows that it's going to be a while until we see characters likes of the X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Deadpool arrive as part of the MCU, but when the time comes, who will be at the helm of ...

Modern Warfare multiplayer takes inspiration from Time Crisis for a much more deliberate shooter
Above: 10 minutes of CoD: Modern Warfare multiplayer gameplay (played with a PS4 controller). I’m sitting in the backseat of a rickety jeep, a pair of identical ghillie suits leering back at me.

6 Times The X-Men Movies Messed Up Its Continuity
Some inconsistencies aren't immediately noticeable, but others jut out faster than Wolverine's claws to anyone who has kept up with the movies or has gone back to re-watch the classic X-Men movies.

Taron Egerton Addresses Marvel Fans’ Calls for Him to Play Wolverine
Could Taron Egerton be the next actor to take up the claws and sideburns of Wolverine? A whole lot of Marvel fans sure hope so. The “Rocketman” star told Variety at the HFPA Grants banquet on ...