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News for Wigs & Facial Hair

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Solano County public officials say hair salons, barbershops and places of worship can reopen effective immediately.

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Ban on one-on-one sports instruction also lifted, but restrictions remain for manicures, pedicures and facials ...

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Solano County Amends Health Order To Include Barbershops And Hair Salons To Reopen
Under the new state and local guidance, barbershops and hair salons must implement certain safety measures before they can reopen.

Barbershops, salons can reopen
Ban on one-on-one sports instruction also lifted, but restrictions remain for manicures, pedicures and facials ...

Solano Co. allows hair salons, barbershops to reopen with modifications
Health officials in Solano County on Wednesday amended a public health order to allow hair salons and barbershops to reopen immediately with modifications.

Coronavirus: Barbershops, hair salons permitted to reopen by county
Barbershops, hair salons and places of worship in Solano County have been granted permission to reopen as long as they meet guidelines in the updated health order, county health officials ...

CDPH Announces Most Counties Can Reopen Barbershops and Hair Salons with Modifications
Only Permitted Activities Are Those During Which Barber or Stylist and Client Can Both Wear a Cloth Face Covering Throughout, ...

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Barbershops, Hair Salons Can Reopen in Most California Counties
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