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News for Textile Art & Fiber Art

Portland Textile Month puts quilts, fiber arts front and center: Free events, virtual talks, workshops
Learn how archetypal images and symbols add meaning to textile art and create a symbolic applique during a virtual workshop ($50) on Oct. 18 led by sculptor and arts educator Carolyn Hazel Drake.

Nominations sought for National Living Treasures award
graphic and plastic arts, ornament, textiles or fiber art, and pottery. However, he also introduced a new category: ethnomedicine, or traditional healing. In a presentation, he defined it as “the sum ...

The Art Institute of Chicago Presents BISA BUTLER
Portraits, on view from1. Showcasing 22 quilts in four galleries, the exhibition engages with themes of family, community, migration, the promise of youth, and artistic and intellectual legacies.

Janet K. Meany
A textile artist and teacher, Janet was admired by fiber artists everywhere. She taught weaving classes at the University of Minnesota, Duluth, and workshops on rag rugs throughout the United States.

Making the most of 'Malaise'
Rochester-based artist incorporated pandemic themes into her beaded works, on display at the Hutchinson Center for the Arts.

'The Art of the Quilt' returns to Piedmont Arts
For the 12th year, colorful quilts and fiber arts will be on display starting Saturday at Piedmont Arts’ biennial invitational exhibition, The Art of the Quilt. The show will continue ...

Fiber Artists Are Honoring Ruth Bader Ginsburg With Lace Collars
Many fiber artists honoring RBG today are doing so with ... realized that many women had similar collections of handed-down textiles. One of Roxana Geffen’s "dissent" collars.

Transformer unveils this year’s ‘Queer Threads’ exhibits
a non-profit visual arts organization, has launched this year’s exhibit of “Queer Threads” an ongoing initiative that seeks to explore LGBTQ identities through fiber and textile art forms.

Textile traditions to explore new societal boundaries through online exhibit at JMU
In Flux features works that explore textile traditions in a variety of ... Rob Mertens, an associate professor and fiber arts and weaving head at SADAH and a member of SEFEA, will show his ...

Galerie Maria Wettergren
The 10th September, 2020, marks the opening of Galerie Maria Wettergren’s new gallery space in Paris, located at 121 Rue Vieille-du-Temple in the Marais. The inaugural exhibition, Nouvelle Vague, ...