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This is how the special search works

The normal search on eBay sorts by the most popular articles. Since you do not know on what criteria this happens, it is possible that real bargains are not found.

Our special search sorts the items found according to the remaining time of the auctions. Thereby it is more likely that you will get a real bargain at an item which has not received any bids just before the end of the auction.

This gives you the chance to buy a little-noticed item with a few bids at a very reasonable price.

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News for 1919-38

Newsworkers: Toward a History of the Rank and File
Specifically, it considers the conditions of labor for American journalists during the interwar years of 1919-38, drawing on novels about newsworkers as primary source material. Incorporating cultural ...

Science Fiction Studies
There is also a Star Begotten reference to Nature (97), with whose 1919-38 editor, Richard Gregory, Wells remained productively friendly from the 1880s until his death. The other particularly ...

Death masks under spotlight at Worcestershire Royal Hospital museum
AN unusual event will aim to put names to the faces of 10 death masks on display in the medical museum of Worcestershire Royal Hospital. The plaster heads - although two are thought to be of the ...

Count Not the Dead: The Popular Image of the German Submarine
In words reminiscent of u-boat skipper Walter Forstmann’s internal paper of 1912, one German wartime... 2 In the Wake of Versailles, 1919–38 2 In the Wake of Versailles, 1919–38 (pp. 48 -78) ...