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Missing AK-47, Stabbing Claims; AT&T Worker Breaks Gate: Blotter
A gun went missing following stabbing claims at home; AT&T technician broke gate at wrong address: Buffalo Grove Blotter.

Detroit police looking for missing 49-year-old man
Detroit police are seeking assistance to locate a missing 49-year-old man suffering from mental health conditions.

Half the matter in the universe was missing. We found it hiding between galaxies.
The whole time it was in WHIM, the million-degree plasma that's permeated through the universe since the Big Bang.

‘I’m missing it all’: Grandparents grieve over loss of visits with grandchildren
But it’s especially difficult Research suggests that this relationship is deeply significant for many of America’s 70 million grandparents, not just because grandparents often help their grandkids ...

Man, 60, missing from Wicker Park
A 60-year-old man has been reported missing since April from Wicker Park on the North Side. Lance Thomas was last seen April 20 in the 2200 block of West Division Street, according to a missing ...

Maine Observer: Missing the beach days of summers past
And for me, that has always meant it was time to dig out my old dilapidated beach chair and see if it would survive another year. I found it behind my lawn mower and under a pile of assorted tools ...

Priest regains chalice that went missing 5 years ago
All of which is why Dauses, now pastor of St. Andrew by the Bay Parish near Annapolis, was devastated when the chalice mysteriously went missing five years ago. “Maybe I can get across how precious a ...

Hampton police searching for missing woman
Police in Hampton are looking for a woman who was reported missing Friday night and is considered endangered, according to a news release. Aaliyah Batts, 18, was reported missing at 10 p.m., and was ...

Man, 62, missing from Englewood since April
A 62-year-old man has been reported missing since April from Englewood on the South Side. Derrick Johnson was last seen April 22 near 67th and Aberdeen streets, Chicago police said. Police said ...

Rescue crews searching for 15-year-old missing swimmer on Cape Cod
The Coast Guard said the teenage boy was seen jumping off the High Bank Bridge in Dennis and never surfaced.

Medical examiner identifies bodies as missing Tulsa toddlers
The Oklahoma medical examiner's office confirmed Friday that two bodies found in Tulsa-area waterways are sibling toddlers who have been missing since last week. Three-year-old Miracle Crook and her 2 ...

Ex-California attorney accused of killing ex-wife testifies to waking up on a cruise ship to find her missing
Prosecutors allege that Kocontes strangled Kanesaki, his second wife, and threw her body into the Mediterranean Sea. Kocontes denies killing Kanesaki, and during his testimony Friday instead ...