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News for Gamestop

Can GameStop Stay Relevant Through the Next-Gen Disruption?
As a result, GameStop is gaining efficiency and reducing risk even as it shrinks its total addressable market. We are not debating the growth of digital gaming. ... We are simply saying that the life ...

More PS5 preorders coming soon, says Sony: Check inventory at Amazon, Walmart, GameStop and more
The PS5 is already proving itself to be the must-have gift this holiday season. The next-generation Sony gaming console will hit stores on Nov. 12 in two versions: a $400 digital-only version and $500 ...

Top GameStop Investor Wants to Turn Retailer Into Amazon Rival
Ryan Cohen, the entrepreneur who built into a pet-supply giant and sold it for more than $3 billion, is now pitching GameStop Corp. on the idea of becoming a true competitor to ...

Xbox Series X and S preorders may face supply constraints at GameStop
Getting your hands on an Xbox Series X preorder tomorrow could prove especially troublesome due to extreme supply constraint.

Nintendo Switch In Stock At Amazon And Walmart, Switch Lite At Gamestop
The Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite have been hard to find at most retailers for months, but we're still seeing it in stock on occasion.

Xbox Series S and Series X Might Be In Limited Supply at GameStop
According to a report from Jeff Grubb, the Xbox Series S and Series X are rumored to be in short supply at GameStop for when pre-orders go live tomorrow morning. We’ve seen and heard reports that ...

Xbox Series X Preorders Could be Limited at GameStop Stores
Preorder supplies for Xbox Series X and S at physical GameStop retail stores are limited, according to IGN's sources.

GameStop To Close At Least 400 Stores By The End Of The Year
Video game and consumer electronics retailer GameStop is set to close 400 stores by the end of the fiscal year following a dismal 2020 due to the pandemic caused by COVID-19. Founded in 1984 in Dallas ...

Everybody Loves a Comeback: Is GameStop's a Trick or Treat?
Let's see if this is just another head fake, or the real thing, like that of my personal fave A-Treat.

PS5 preorders are sold out everywhere: Check inventory at Amazon, Walmart, GameStop and more
The PS5 will ship on Nov. 12 in the US, and we know it'll cost $400 for the digital-only version or $500 with Blu-ray. (If you have good broadband and don't have a need for optical discs -- used games ...

GameStop Stock Rides the Wave of Sony PlayStation 5 Preorders
After Sony announced the prices for its PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 5 Digital edition on Wednesday, online retailers were swarmed with customers.

PS5 Preorder: Where To Buy The Console (Best Buy, GameStop, And More)
Sony announced PlayStation 5 preorders will be available at select retailers starting September 17--but some listings are going live early at stores like Best Buy and Target.