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Local high school sports programs come together to donate food to families
CWGBB is starting the “BRING VICTORY TO THE VALLEY” Challenge to get Valley sports programs to donate 100 non perishable food items to those in need! We are challenging: @BHS_Girls_BB @ClovisHighGBB ...

Library rolling out children's summer reading programming
Children’s summer reading through the Greenwood County Library system is launching Monday via story times, puppet shows and games, all online, along with virtual learning resources and a digital ...

Girls’ softball seasons to begin with COVID-19 protocols in place
Northern Hills girls’ softball seasons will span roughly three weeks and begin in a matter of days, with COVID-19 protocols in place.

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LOCAL BRIEFS: Fair food offered three weekends in June
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Coronavirus pandemic inspires 15-year-old Massachusetts teen to start foundation that inspires kids to help their local communities around the world
Maya Lee, 15, from Wayland, founded Uniting Kids Against Poverty and Sickness during the coronavirus pandemic.

Whitemarsh Island teen rings symbolic bell for best ’cancer friend,’ self
Both Kylie and Lily were battling leukemia when they found each other during treatment at Memorial Health University Medical Center ... At the same time, the Shiells couldn’t have been happier for ...