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Helen Chesnut’s Garden Notes: Tomatoes do well against wire fencing
One of the experimental changes I made in the garden this year was to diversify the sites for planting tomatoes. My habit of many years was to train the plants against a length of tall wire fencing ...

Council could use drones to spy on people moving garden fences
You might want to think twice before illegally expanding your garden (Picture: SWNS) Drones could be used to gather evidence against homeowners who move their fences onto public parks to make ...

Police offer 'muppet' driver medal after escaping officer by 'jumping garden fences' in Staines
Surrey Police says it is offering a “hurdling medal” after a “muppet” van driver escaped an officer by jumping multiple garden fences in Staines. Officers say they found wraps of cannabis inside the ...

Proctor's Garden: Now is the time to groom your garden
RELATED: Here's how you can tour Rob Proctor's garden while helping pets in need Prop up or stake plants that threaten to fall over or spill out of the beds. Use bamboo stakes or wire fencing. The ...

Harvest thievery, free plants to avoid, and disease alert: This Weekend in the Garden
Fencing is a must most of the time – preferably the whole garden but at least spot-fencing around the crops you really don’t want to lose. You might need 8-foot-tall perimeter fencing to keep deer out ...

Over the Garden Fence | Men's breakfast fundraiser benefits Depot
A men’s breakfast fundraiser will take place at 8 a.m. Sept. 7 at the Toledo and Ohio Central station. (Photo: Jason J. Molyet/News Journal) Let's go over the garden fence and follow the sounds of a ...

Annual flea market to be held in support Friends of the State Botanical Garden
“The money that we raise goes to buy equipment for the garden.” In the past, Morton said the money has helped to pay for tools like cables, golf carts and deer fencing, which keep the garden operating ...

UDOT working on 'runaway truck' solution after Garden City crashes
GARDEN CITY — Officials with the Utah Department of Transportation ... The innovative ramp has a series of cable fences that catch the truck in a narrow concrete chute. The cable spools out, absorbing ...

Japanese garden promotes self-reflection at Oregon State Penitentiary
“This place is concrete walls, iron bars and fences. It’s very little of nature,” Toshio Takanobu said. “We tend to become hard, just like our environment.” Toshio Takanobu, an inmate serving a ...

Is that a snow fence? No, a picket fence — of 1,450 skis
These used boards, 200 yards’ worth, have been dropped off over the years at a garden store in Sultan.

Community Garden Shut Down Over Lead Concern In Red Bank
Now a different case of lead concerns have shut down a community garden in Red Bank. A sign on the fence of the garden on Marion Street reads “Access restricted. Produce may not be harvested.

Over the Garden Fence: Late bloomer brings unusual color
Over the Garden Fence: Late bloomer brings unusual color Native to South Africa, the English name for scadoxus is "blood lily." It was named in 1838 for its glorious umbel form. Check out this story ...