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This is how the special search works

The normal search on eBay sorts by the most popular articles. Since you do not know on what criteria this happens, it is possible that real bargains are not found.

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News for Gambia (1965-Now)

Today is the 49th day of 2014. There are 316 days left in the year.
1965: African nation of Gambia becomes independent within British Commonwealth. 1977: The space shuttle Enterprise, sitting atop a Boeing 747, goes on its maiden flight above the Mojave Desert. 1988: ...

He had the aerosol can in his hand, and the shaving lather billowed out, and when he began to apply it to his face, a familiar, fundamental impulse stirred within him—the possibilities seemed enormous ...

ASHRAE Headquarters Earn Multiple Green Awards
The 34,500 square foot office building – originally built in 1965 – now acts as a showcase of energy efficiency and sustainability through its living lab and learning center. The facility has reduced ...

IP Masterclass (Part 7): IP CCTV – the future
The computer industry is still meeting a remarkable prediction made in a paper written in 1965, now known as Moore’s Law. The Law asserts that every 18 months or so we can get about twice as much ...

Nigeria: Writers Converge to Crown Aniebo At 70
In 1965, now Major Aniebo gained admission to Command and General Staff College, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, U.S.A. He was there when the first coup occurred in 1966. On his return, he was posted to the ...

The Roots Of Greatness
"We'd only been in the new house for four months when he died of a heart attack." The house that was so new and full of promise in 1965 now is abandoned. Perhaps because it is raised on concrete ...