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News for Plants, Seeds & Bulbs

Suspicious Chinese plants for sale on Amazon 'could spread disease to UK gardens'
Gardeners are being urged to stick to buying plants from "reputable" nurseries after a Sunday Telegraph investigation found Amazon sellers are importing undeclared seeds and bulbs from China.

Herb vs. Spice: What’s the Difference?
Some plants even boast an herb and a spice, which can make things a little complicated when it comes to naming those products. The leaves of the Coriandrum sativum plant are widely known as cilantro, ...

Gardening jobs for the weekend: Plant leeks, sow herbs for winter and do some gentle deadheading
Autumn-flowering bulbs, crocus and colchicums, ideally need to arrive by early August, so at the very least order these ...

Get It Growing: Enjoy summer in the garden
July has arrived! Finally sunny days, perfect for basking and working in the garden.

Scrappy Chef: How does my garden grow?
I put my plants on the counter to buy and asked the clerk if they had a discount for “Approaching Death”. He looked at his co-worker behind the counter and looked back at me and said “We have a Senior ...

Beware: plants that are poisonous to pets
Did you know that those showy, fragrant lilies so popular as cut flowers are highly toxic to cats Some florists routinely warn buyers but most dont. For all pet owners, its worth knowing which plants ...

Home Hydroponics: Tech Trend Or The New Victory Garden?
As Covid-19 highlights the precarious supply chain that supports our modern lifestyles and the benefit of more self-sufficiency, hydroponics – a method of growing plants without traditional soil, ...

COVID gardening: when the young don’t turn out as expected
A long time, but considering the COVID situation, understandable. Of course, masks and other essentials should have shipping priority. To my amazement, the seeds came from Kyrgyzstan. The envelope ...

28 tips to save money around the house
The COVID-19 pandemic is still going strong, even as states begin to open up. Here's how to keep saving money in post-quarantine life.

The garlic awakens with aioli-like sauce
Each spring it happens. You cut into a clove of garlic, only to find its lily white interior tainted by the green stripe of a developing shoot. A few ...

The garlic awakens: Toum ’til you swoon
Each spring it happens. You cut into a clove of garlic, only to find its lily white interior tainted by the green stripe of a developing shoot. A few ...

J-K: Floriculture department resumes cleaning of tulip bulbs in Srinagar
The cleaning operations of tulip bulbs began in Srinagar. The floriculture department has started the operations, aiming to make the next years tulip show successful.