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News for Pool Chemicals & Testing

The best Intex pool
A pool that's 18 feet in diameter fits eight or more people ... BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers.

The best pool pump
Pool pumps are rated in gallons per minute (GPM ... BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. BestReviews and ...

Essential Maintenance Guide And Tips To Keep Your Pool Clean
Also, your pool water will irritate your eyes and skin and look murky. The chemical levels you need to keep in check are the following: You can test your pool water with testing kits you can ...

Olympic Plaza wading pool closed for contaminated water
... it could be properly cleaned and have its chemicals balanced. AHS says the pool operator is working to address the issue and conduct further testing to ensure the water is safe for the public.

Is it safe to swim in the Delaware or Schuylkill? What about Devil’s Pool? It’s complicated.
(Definitions of swimmable do not include chemicals or other substances in the water.) A single waterway can have stretches that are swimmable and others that are not, depending on where and when ...

How to prevent toxic algae in your pool
“Right when it gets hot, what happens is your pool will start to build up algae and things like that, so you’ve got to balance it out with the chemicals with the chlorine ... to 7.6. You can check it ...

'Her eyes kept rolling back': Mesa mom convinced pool chemicals at Rocky Point hotel made her daughter sick
"You can test your pool water and it can be at perfect levels. If it needs a chemical: chlorine, acid, whatever it is, you can dump it in and make it perfect. But if you dump it in next to a ...

San Jose explosions probably caused by pool heater, fire official says
Nobody was injured and the damage was limited to a pool heater that apparently malfunctioned inside ... the water heater and tested the air for leaking gas and excessive chemicals. Matlow said the ...

TV6 Investigates: Pool inspection violations
In terms of health, Hall explained cloudy water can be an indicator of a chemical imbalance in the water. She says, “At certain levels there’s an obligation to close the pool if anything doesn’t match ...

Home test finds drinking water in outback WA town has chlorine levels suitable for swimming pool
After conducting a pool water test on their tap water, Ms Horler said the results reinforced her concerns. "We've known for a long time that the water here has not been very good," she said. "We were ...

Olympic Plaza wading pool closed after fecal matter found in water
The popular wading pool at Olympic Plaza has been temporarily ... read a statement from Alberta Health Services. “Water testing has indicated the presence of coliforms in the water.

How to prevent recreational water illnesses this summer
and pool-supply stores sell test strips. • Homeowners with pools or hot tubs, and operators of public facilities, need to follow the directions on pool chemical product labels, since mishandling pool ...